How to retrieve the serial number of a removable drive (PowerShell instructions)

Please follow these steps to retrieve your removable drive serial number:

  1. Remove all plugged in USB drives from your computer
  2. Start the Windows PowerShell (from the Start menu, search for Powershell)
  3. In the Windows PowerShell window, copy and paste the following one line command:
    gwmi Win32_USBControllerDevice |%{[wmi]($_.Dependent)} | Where-Object {($_.Description -like '*mass*')} | Sort Description,DeviceID | ft Description,DeviceID –auto
  4. In the output, make sure the Description matches your drive, then copy the complete Device ID which contains the serial number that we need
    device id
  5. Paste the Device ID in an email to our support team. Make sure to copy/paste that information and not just retyping it as some characters might not be what they look like (o and 0 for example)