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How to Review Mobile Forensics Evidence

Posted by ADF Solutions on September 8, 2023
ADF Solutions

Data analysis can quickly become overwhelming without proper organization tools. Extracting, analyzing, and reporting on this data efficiently is of paramount importance to investigators. 

Mobile Device Investigator (MDI), the analysis section of Mobile Device Investigator, is an invaluable asset for digital forensics professionals. Its functionalities for data examination, organization, and reporting simplify complex investigations and help investigators make sense of vast amounts of information efficiently. In this blog post, we will guide you through reviewing evidence from a mobile device. How to Review Mobile Forensics Evidence

Step 1: Connect your Device 

To initiate review evidence, start by connecting the mobile device you wish to analyze to your computer. MDI is versatile and supports a wide range of devices, such as smartphones and tablets, that run on systems like iOS and Android. Once your device is connected, MDI will automatically detect and establish a connection.

Step 2: Select Review Scan Results

Individual records can be accessed from the summary page, and media galleries, timelines, complete filed and folder listings, and reporting are accessible from the navigation toolbar. Results are easily sorted, filtered, tagged, commented, and classified using the function toolbar. Hash and keyword matching are easily identified if brought to the top of each table for simple identification.

Step 3: Export your Report

Under the Report tab, you can create your customized report by selecting the content you wish to include. Reports are generated in HTML, PDF, CSV, and VICS data, and ADF’s own standalone viewer allows others to review, analyze, and report without a license. 

Mobile Device Investigator (MDI) analysis section of Mobile Device Investigator is a significant leap forward in mobile device forensics. By centralizing access to critical data and offering a range of powerful tools, investigators can streamline their workflow and focus on the most pertinent information. The intuitive interface ensures that even users with varying levels of expertise can navigate and benefit from the tool effectively.

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