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Why We Love Forensic Triage and You Should Too!

Posted by Bradford Oliver on January 21, 2019
Bradford Oliver
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Reduce Forensic Backlogs with ADF Triage-InvestigatorIn 2009, the number of backlogged digital evidence requests in publicly funded forensic crime labs was 1,600. By the end of 2014, that number had risen to 7,800. While that's tiny in comparison to the total number of backlogged evidence requests (over 570,000 in 2014!), every one of those requests is associated with a case that affects real people. This is why we love forensic triage, and why you should too.

Defining Digital Triage

The word "triage" comes from the French word trier meaning "to sort". The word is typically used as a system to assess patients based on need. In the context of evidence collection, deciding where to look and which avenues are worth labor-intensive digging can add time to a case that investigators and prosecutors simply don't have. Using software that does the triage for you, (plus a lot of the leg work!) can mean the difference between solving a case quickly and letting the backlog grow.

Solve Cases Quickly

Triage-Investigator® assists law enforcement through every stage of a digital criminal investigation. Evidence collection in the field is made easy with the software's ability to collect relevant artifacts and files from electronic media  (including web browser cached files, cloud storage, user login events, saved credentials, files shared via Skype, social media, P2P, Cryptocurrency, anti-forensic traces, USB history, user connection log, etc.). The analysis capabilities of ADF’s triage software allow investigators to quickly sort, search, and view digital evidence using a single timeline. Once complete, results of the analysis can be exported in multiple file types, making it easy for prosecutors and investigators to report their findings.

Reduce Your Backlog

Reducing the backlog of digital evidence starts with today's cases. Deploying data collection and analysis software that requires minimal training for investigators in the field allows the skills of a team to be distributed effectively. When investigators can hand the time-consuming decisions and labor over to intelligent software, they're able to consult with one another, follow other leads, and stay focused on the bigger picture.

We love solving cases quickly, especially when it means a community is safer, an innocent suspect is cleared, or a victim receives closure. Prompt investigation of evidence leads to fewer backlogged cases and more suspects charged with their crimes. To learn more about our Triage-Investigator kits or to see a full list of our products, check out our website and contact us today.

3 Benefits of Digital Forensic Triage

Still not convinced? Read How Fast is Digital Forensic Triage?

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