ADF Forensic Software - Product Descriptions

All ADF forensic tools share the same search and scan engine. The differences are aimed at 1) usage scenarios – specifically military operations, forensic lab examination, and field investigations, and 2) user risk management.

Digital Evidence Investigator® (DEI) has been designed to meet both forensic lab and field triage requirements. DEI is used by both forensic examiners and investigators who have training to run and configure the tool (advanced mode only). DEI also offers advanced search configurations, and separate authentication and collection keys which allows users to scan multiple computers simultaneously. DEI does not offer stealth mode during live scans or the ability to switch to basic user mode.

Triage-G2® has been designed to meet military, intelligence and special forces media exploitation requirements. Triage-G2 is primarily used by operators who have training to both run the tool (basic mode) and with additional training, the option to configure the tool (advanced mode). Triage-G2 also offers a stealth mode for live scans, advanced search configurations, and an integrated authentication and collection key for optimized workflow. Triage-G2 is limited to scanning a single computer at one time.

Triage-Investigator® has been designed for field triage requirements. It is primarily used by investigators with limited digital forensic training in running the tool (basic mode only). This basic user mode allows for ease-of-use and limits user risk. Triage-Investigator also offers separate authentication and collection keys which allows users to scan multiple computers simultaneously, which can be particularly useful for on-scene investigations. Triage-Investigator does not offer stealth mode during live scans, advanced search configurations, or the ability to switch to advanced mode.

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  Digital Evidence Investigator® Triage-G2 Triage-Investigator

Setup and Configuration

Create custom Search Profiles
Create custom Captures
(keywords, SHA-1/MD-5 hash, grep search, file collection)
Configure Artifacts
Configure file collection types
Customize file headers
Configure folders and paths to scan
Set filters by file properties
(size, timestamps, etc.)
Advanced mode
Basic mode
Note 1
Configure Stealth Mode
Out-of-the-box Search Profiles for "Media Exploitation"
Out-of-the-box Search Profiles for "Law Enforcement"
(including Indecent Images)

Processing Computers and Media

Forensically Sound
Scan drive images (e01, dd)
Scan live (on) computers
Scan dead (off) computers
Scan multiple computers simultaneously
with a single license dongle
Scan NTFS, FAT, ExFAT, HFS+, APFS, EXT2/3/4, YAFFS2 systems
Scan devices connected to suspect computer
Scan external devices (USB, CD, DVD, SD cards, etc.)
from forensic/friendly computer
Image suspect drives & media
Note 2
Comprehensive file and artifact analysis and collection
Note 3

Analysis and Reporting

Review evidence on suspect computer
Create comprehensive reports
Timeline analysis of files and artifacts
Comprehensive filtering of results
Tag evidence on suspect computer
Export standalone report viewer
Export to HTML, PDF, VICS, and CSV formats


Extended license duration (limitations)

Note 1: Triage-G2 is switchable between Advanced and Basic Modes.

Note 2: Triage-Investigator can only image drives and other media during live or boot scans (Note: DEI and Triage-G2 can also image from a forensic/friendly computer).

Note 3: Triage-Investigator can only run either the out-of-box Search Profiles or custom Search Profiles created by Digital Evidence Investigator (DEI).®