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How ADF Supports Counterterrorism Investigations

Posted by Nuris Rodriguez on July 20, 2022
Nuris Rodriguez
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While the internet has provided many ways for people to form connections and share information it has also become a mode through which terrorism is facilitated. Organized groups can coordinate and conduct crimes easily and with anonymity. Their audience and reach are limitless, allowing terrorists to communicate globally with very few barriers. Military forces and government agencies must engage in counterterrorism and employ tactics to prevent these terrorist attacks from occurring. Computer forensic software is a major tool in a military force’s arsenal. With the proper software, they can collect and analyze actionable intelligence while also detecting and disrupting threats. This post will provide information on how the internet is used for terrorism and how ADF’s computer forensic software tools support counterterrorism. 

How is the internet used for terrorism purposes? 

There are several ways that terrorists use the internet and social networks to communicate and conduct their crimes. They use the internet for propaganda, financing, training, planning, execution, and cyberattacks [1]. 

1. Propaganda
  • Terrorists use multimedia communications to provide practical instruction, explanations, or promotion of their activities. This may also include the recruitment of individuals through clandestine chat groups and password-protected websites [1]. 
  • The use of restricted access cyberforums provides terrorists a platform in which they can educate and support recruits, in efforts to engage them in direct actions that further the terrorist's objectives.
2. Financing 
  • Terrorists may use the internet to raise and collect funds and resources. They can achieve this through direct solicitation, e-commerce, the exploitation of online payment tools, and charitable organizations [1]. 
3. Training 
  • A large range of platforms allows terrorists to disseminate practical guides such as online manuals, audio, and video clips. They provide detailed instructions along with easily accessible multimedia in different languages. Topics can include how to construct explosives or firearms and how to plan and execute terrorist attacks.
4. Planning 
  • Terrorists will use the internet to obtain information on their targets, for the logistics of their plans, and to communicate about their plans with others in their organizations secretly.
5. Execution 
  • Explicit threats of violence may be disseminated via the Internet to induce anxiety, fear, or panic in a population or subset of the population [1].
6. Cyberattacks
  • These are attacks intended to disrupt the proper functioning of their targets, such as computer systems or servers.

Computer Forensics Software Tools and ADF’s Role in Counterrosim

Military, intelligence and other authorities must continuously develop tools to help them prevent, detect, and deter terrorist activity use of the internet. ADF has been a leading choice for sensitive site exploitation for more than a dozen years. Sensitive Site Exploitation includes the techniques used by military and intelligence officers to collect and exploit captured equipment, media, and documents in theaters of operation around the world. ADF Solutions understands the importance of military leaders gathering field intelligence quickly and efficiently. 

ADF's Triage-G2 PRO is the all-in-one smartphone and computer media exploitation software built for speed, scalability, and ease of use by field operators who need rapid acquisition. With TG2 PRO, you get all the capabilities of Triage-G2 and Mobile Device Investigator in a single license.

Enables military field operatives to:

  • Rapidly collect and exploit captured equipment, media, and documents in theaters of operation around the world.
  • Analyze critical intelligence from iOS/Android smartphones, tablets, computers, and digital devices.
  • Deploy the tool in the field for reconnaissance on a small, rugged USB key.
  • Use powerful DOMEX capabilities for less time on target. 

It also has the ability to operate in stealth mode. When live scans are executed in stealth mode it makes it difficult to locate traces on the target computer. 

The use of counterterrorism techniques and computer forensic software for detecting, preventing, and deterring terrorist attacks is a high priority for a nation’s border security. 

ADF supports this task with computer forensic software for digital evidence collection. ADF also provides software training by ADF Solutions digital forensic specialists and certified trainers or by the Global Forensic and Justice Center which provides exploitation training as an intensive interactive course to prepare operators to gather Intel on-site. 

Prepare your military and intel teams with the right tools to collect, analyze, and report on digital evidence. Learn more about Triage-G2 PRO and its powerful tools.

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