How Mobile Forensics Can Dismantle Human Trafficking and CSAM

The fight against human trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) is a relentless one. As criminals adapt and exploit new technologies, the need for innovative investigative techniques..

Unmasking the Faceless Foe: The Battle Against Internet Fraud

Internet fraud, a consistent and evolving threat, poses significant risks to individuals and organizations worldwide. Internet fraud, also known as cyber or online fraud, involves using online..

How ADF Supports Counterterrorism Investigations

While the internet has opened avenues for people to connect and share information, it has also emerged as a facilitator for terrorism. Organized groups use its features to coordinate and carry out..

Investigating Chromebooks to Speed Your Digital Investigations

ADF Solutions has opened the door to exploring Chromebooks in mobile forensics. With our initial version, you can conduct logical acquisitions, screencasts, and even record specific applications...

ADF Solutions' User-Friendly Approach for UK Investigators

Digital investigations in the United Kingdom have become more challenging than ever because of the volume of digital evidence[1]. ADF Solutions is pivotal in streamlining digital investigations by..

From Data Extraction to Courtroom: ADF's Workflow for Investigations

Digital forensics plays a crucial role in modern-day investigations, especially in the realm of cybercrime and law enforcement. In the complex world of digital evidence, an effective and streamlined..

Mac Triage Made Easy: Using the Mac Remote Agent with ADF

Mac Triage just got a whole lot easier.

Learn Mac Forensics: Mac Boot for M1 and T2 Chips | DFIR for Computers

ADF tools have the ability to scan all available Mac computers (M1 and T2 chips) with all types of encryption and virtual drives by running a remote agent that communicates with the desktop..

What is an ICAC Task Force?

Most children in the United States now have access to internet services. The internet enables children to have access to vast amounts of valuable and educative information that facilitates their..

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