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What is DOMEX?

Posted by Bret Peters on January 2, 2019
Bret Peters

DOMEX Document and Media Exploitation - ADF SolutionsMilitary and intelligence officers process an ever-increasing amount of data from which they need to gather actionable intelligence. This data comes from a variety of devices seized in combat operations or during an investigation.  

Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) is the "collection and exploitation of captured equipment, documents, and media to generate actionable intelligence." DOMEX analysis helps officers, special forces, and field operatives on the front lines complete a holistic picture of the intelligence available to them at the time. 

The challenge facing many forward operators, is how to gather and process large amounts of suspect data quickly. DOMEX analysis is useful and necessary, but difficult to capture and assess without the proper equipment. Often, officers receive intelligence from a variety of electronic devices that can take a lot of time to process. 

It's all about intelligence processing capabilities. From the standpoint of maintaining national security, it is critical that deployed forward operators have the ability to gather rapid intelligence; failure to do so can lead to foreign and domestic enemies exploiting national vulnerabilities. 

The ability to perform sensitive site exploitation to exploit information from electronic devices (computers, smartphones, SIM cards, USB drives, etc.) in the field quickly and efficiently is crucial to the rapid collection, analysis, and reporting process. Therefore, it's critical for officers in the field to utilize a tool that can help them with this mission, a rapid forensic triage tool that can help them quickly review and classify documents, files, artifacts and images. 

A flexible tool for non-technical operators with the ability to support multiple types of missions:

  • terrorism and national security
  • force protection
  • political corruption
  • kidnapping, human trafficking, child exploitation
  • gang warfare
  • money laundering and financial crimes

The right forensic field triage software provides officers with the intelligence processing capabilities they need to ensure national security, protect the innocent, and secure the interests of citizens and their nation. 

Learn more about the industry-leading DOMEX triage solution known as Triage-G2. This is the perfect tool for military and intelligence officers engaging in the rapid collection of data on the front lines. 

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