Revolutionize Your Investigations

ADF's software is designed to help you automate and streamline the investigative process, enabling you to save time and achieve better results.

Our key features include:

  • Analyze iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows devices
  • Instantly preview evidence of mobile devices (no waiting for backups!)
  • Screenshot and screen record mobile devices
  • Scan full mobile acquisitions (GrayKey, UFED)
  • Image live macOS computers
  • Live Scan Macs with M1 and T2
  • Facial Analysis and Age Group Recognition
  • Share scan results with a portable standalone viewer or export scan results in CSV or JSON

Our flagship product, Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO (DEI PRO) allows you to combine computer and mobile forensics, create custom search profiles, and generate custom reports within an easy-to-use interface. DEI PRO helps identify victims or suspects, make seizure decisions, and capture keywords for on-scene analysis.

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"ADF is an incredibly easy-to-use forensic software that allows us the ability to collect actionable intelligence in the field.  Additionally, ADF has significantly reduced the time it takes to complete our forensic caseload by over 80%; Not only saving time but more importantly, saving lives." - Stephen Komorek, API Consulting Group