ADF MDI Training 

Digital Evidence Investigator Training

We offer a 1-Day hands-on, instructor-led training for Mobile Device Investigator®. Trainees will learn how to configure Mobile Device Investigator, operate the mobile phone forensic software and interpret results.

Available Online

This course is also available online with self-paced learning via our learning management system. Start your training today to earn your MDI Certified User Certificate in about 8 hours with self-paced learning.

Course Outline

Introductions & Getting Started

  • Overview of How to Use Mobile Device Investigator (also knows as MDI)
    • MDI Terminology – Artifact Captures
    • MDI Terminology – File Captures
    • MDI Search Profiles 
      • General profiling
      • Child exploitation profiles

Setup and Installation

  • Mobile device Investigator software installation 

Connecting Phones for a Forensic Scan 

  • Apple iOS configuration requirements
  • Android configuration requirements
  • Android driver and configuration issues

Capture: Preview

  • Overview of Previewing iOS and Android devices

Capture: Screenshots

  • Capturing screenshots only
  • Capturing Screenshots and a Logical Acquisition
  • Tips and Tricks for documenting evidence with screenshots

Capture: Conducting a Scan

  • Case Study: Scanning an attached phone
  • Case Study: Scanning phone backup

Analysis: Navigating MDI

  • Navigating Scan Results
  • Understanding Picture, Video, Keyword, Files and Timeline Views
  • Column Settings
  • Filtering Captures and Picture, Video, Keyword, Files and Timeline views
  • Tagging
  • Commenting

Customizing Captures and Search Profiles

  • Hash Sets
  • Keywords
  • File identification and Embedded Items


  • Case Study: Creating appropriate reports
  • Reporting - HTML
  • Reporting - CSV
  • Reporting – Stand-alone viewer

Advanced Concepts

  • Importing Search Profiles
  • Implications of thorough file identification and searching within containers
  • File type creation and implications
  • Searching browser cache issues
  • Case Study: Knowledge check

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