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ForenTec (Switzerland)

ADF Authorized Partner - ForenTec - SwitzerlandForenTec is your partner in the fight against Cybercrime offering comprehensive professional services in the areas of security assessment, data analytics, cybercrime, digital forensics, e-discovery, and data management. ForenTec also conducts training courses in the field of prevention.

ForenTec GmbH is a Swiss company headquartered in Zurich. The sole proprietorship ForenTec Bloch was founded in 2014. After successful establishment on the market, ForenTec GmbH was founded in 2015.

ForenTec offers IT security and IT forensics services that allow clients to react with professional and competent support to the diverse and continuous changes in the digital environment and – according to individual needs – to benefit from digital data. ForenTec team members have many years of practical experience and receive continuous training on the rapid technical development of digital devices, the various storage media and the electronic information available everywhere. The extensive, practical wealth of experience and knowledge of best practices forms an integral part of the ForenTec company philosophy and success.

  • Computer - ForenTec IT forensics services for computers provide forensic data backup and analysis of computers, laptops, servers, raid systems, NAS, USB sticks, SD cards and other storage media.
  • Mobile - Digital forensics services in the mobile sector guarantee the backup and meaningful evaluation of data from mobile devices or smartphones (iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry, etc.). ForenTec also offers “Chip Off” (expansion of the flash memory of the device), “JTAG” (joint test action group) and “ISP” (in-system programming).
  • Cloud - Under certain conditions and by means of a professional IT forensic approach, ForenTec IT forensic experts are also able to back up the digital data stored on a cloud and prepare it for further analysis. 
  • Vehicles - ForenTec also offers the backup, extraction, and decoding of user data of vehicle infotainment and telematics systems for vehicles. This service includes data evaluation of coupled mobile phones, GPS devices, and various vehicle events.
  • Internet of Things - The term Internet of Things (“IoT”) stands for “intelligent objects.” In this context, ForenTec offers the security and evaluation of alarm systems, digital wristbands (“Bluetooth”), refrigerators and other so-called smart devices. 
  • Social Media - ForenTec forensic services in this area enable the complete backup and analysis of social media profiles on various platforms, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, XING and YouTube. The corresponding evaluations include personal data such as locations, memberships in groups and clubs, friends and networks, shared information (e.g., status updates) and shared media such as photos and videos.

ForenTec GmbH
Forchstrasse 15
8704 Herrliberg, Schweiz
Lavaterstrasse 58
8002 Zürich, Schweiz 


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