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INsig2 (Croatia)

logo@2x_0INsig2 is an ADF Authorized Partner that specializes in digital forensic education, investigations, consulting services, lab management, and equipment. 

INsig2 has its own training center for forensic investigators that provide specialized training courses offered by digital forensic experts and covers everything from basic digital forensics concepts and procedures to advanced topics for experienced investigators.  

In terms of consulting, INsig2 advises, supports and conduct investigations for the public sector (military, government, police, special task forces) and private sector (corporations and small businesses). INsig2 is also capable of helping construct laboratories, training and certification of experts and investigative procedures simulation. 

INsig2 can also aid in investigations such as company policy violations, misuse of company’s resources, former employee investigations, theft of intellectual property, fraud and embezzlement, threatening emails and messages, stalking, retrieval of artifacts such as messages, chats, emails, photos, documents, recovery of deleted files, and more. 

INsig2 can take in any type of case, ranging from simple dead box analysis to online investigations, including car, mobile and drone forensics.

 For more information, reach INsig2 at: 

Buzinska cesta 58
10010 Zagreb, Croatia

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Field and Lab investigations

Digital Evidence Investigator® (DEI) software is the number one automated digital forensic tool for collecting files and artifacts in the field or in the lab - with the evidence presented in a timeline view. 

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