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Pelorus (India)

ADF Partner Pelorus Logo - India-1PELORUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (PTPL) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company established with a vision of providing specialized solutions in telecom and infrastructure domain for global corporates and governments by envisaging their future needs now. Our products range from security and surveillance systems to testing equipment. We are also engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of embedded solutions. Our research focuses on inventing methods for mass implementation in government sectors providing turnkey strategies and solutions through disruptive innovation.
With the advent of global digitalization in almost every aspect of business, security of IT infrastructure and Network security becomes inevitable.  As a technology company, we understand this and have incorporated meticulous solutions like multifactor authentication. We have also explored the potential of technologies like internet monitoring system and open source intelligence in curbing threat posed by the very prevalent social media in today’s world. Our solutions are helpful to law enforcement agencies to keep a tap of unusual activities and stop them effectively.
We firmly collaborate and co-exist with our channel partners and aim to be a one stop solution provider for our clients worldwide.  Pelorus' clients include Chattisgarh Police, GE, Gujarat Police, Jammu Kashmir Police, Indian Navy, Indian Railways, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Pratap Bank and more. 
Pelorus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
7 C, Senior Estate, Near Sona Udyog,
Parsi Panchayat Road,
Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400069

Digital Forensic Triage with ADF Tools

Learn how ADF Solutions empowers front-line field investigators and lab examiners in India to investigate on-scene or in the lab to quickly preview evidence on-scene, seize the appropriate devices, take a suspect into custody, and identify any and all victims and prioritize devices in the lab.Pelorus and ADF Webinar (Twitter Post) (1)

DEI gives you the capabilities you'll want at the frontline:

  • Facial Analytics & Age Recognition
  • Built-in and Custom Search Profiles
  • Automatic and manual Image Classification and Tagging
  • Report customizations to Sanitize for Court or Prosecutors

Empower your front-line investigators to collect, analyze and report on the digital evidence from:

  • macOS (including T2 and M1 chips)
  • Windows
  • Linux

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ADF Field InvestigatorTM PRO for Teams is designed to quickly equip agencies and task forces with a desire to expand their computer and mobile digital forensics capabilities beyond the lab. Take advantage of easy-to-use field forensic software built with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

Field Investigator PRO for Teams

The Problem

Cybercrime continues to grow at a record pace and agencies around the world are struggling to keep pace. Highly trained investigators are reluctant to expand their capabilities into the field for fear of losing control and they simply can't afford the time or the expense of training more investigators on expensive digital forensic tools. 

The Solution - There's a Better Way

The Field Investigator PRO for Teams solves these problems in a quick, affordable way. By combining two of ADF's most popular computer and mobile phone forensic tools, Digital Evidence Investigator® PRO (DEI PRO) and Triage-Investigator® PRO (TINV PRO) ADF's Field Investigator PRO for Teams gives law enforcement agencies the ability to have: 

  1. Highly trained investigators and lab examiners control over what field investigators are able to collect and analyze computers and mobile devices with custom search profiles
  2. Non-technical field investigators solve crimes with easy-to-use field forensic tools which are automated for rapid on-scene decisions
  3. Confidence in rapid field triage, with the ability to seize only what is necessary, and the ability to quickly create and share court ready reports

Your agency will save time, and with ADF's Field InvestigatorTM PRO for Teams, your agency will also save money along the way.  To get started, simply choose the bundle that's right for your agency and your budget. We offer both 1 year and 3 year bundle options, each of which can provide free digital forensic software, or the dollar value equivalent. 

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Authorized ADF Partners

Our partners represent the very best in digital forensics worldwide. Our partners bring deep expertise in a variety of investigative areas including:

  • Financial and tax fraud
  • Crimes against children
  • Law enforcement and gang activity
  • Mass casuatly investigations
  • Intel and special operations

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