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TEELtechnologies Canada (Canada)

ADF Authorized Partner TEELTechnologiesCanada LogoTeel Tech Canada is an ADF Authorized Partner specializing in providing computer and mobile forensic solutions and training.

Teel Tech Canada is a leading ADF Authorized Partner that offers a wide range of computer and mobile forensic solutions and training services to clients across Canada and around the world. With a team of highly experienced forensic experts, Teel Tech Canada specializes in data extraction and digital forensic services, providing advanced tools and expert support to law enforcement agencies, military personnel, government agencies, corporations, and law offices.

One of the key areas of specialization for Teel Tech Canada is video forensics. Their expert team of forensic analysts is equipped with the latest tools and technologies to acquire video surveillance from almost any type of DVR system. From CCTV cameras to body-worn cameras, Teel Tech Canada has the expertise and experience to extract and analyze video evidence to support investigations and legal proceedings.

In addition to video forensics, Teel Tech Canada also offers digital device forensics services. Their digital device forensics tools include the analysis of a wide range of devices, such as GPS units, vehicle navigation systems, routers and modems, printers, televisions, and more. This allows their forensic experts to extract and analyze digital evidence from a variety of sources, providing valuable insights and evidence to support investigations and legal proceedings.

Teel Tech Canada also offers data recovery services, with their experts able to uncover important data that is often overlooked by other tools. Whether it's deleted files, corrupted data, or damaged storage devices, their data recovery services can help clients recover critical information that may be vital to their investigations or legal cases.

Their cyber forensics tools are also highly effective in cases involving all forms of cybercrime, such as hate crimes, bullying, fraud, identity theft, and larceny. By using advanced forensic tools and techniques, Teel Tech Canada's cyber forensics experts can uncover digital evidence that can be used to identify perpetrators and build strong legal cases.

Finally, Teel Tech Canada's digital forensic training program provides comprehensive training in advanced forensics and tool-specific training to law enforcement, military personnel, government agencies, corporations, and law offices. Their training courses are designed to equip forensic analysts with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively analyze digital evidence and support investigations and legal proceedings.

In conclusion, Teel Tech Canada is a reliable and trusted partner for all your digital forensic needs. With their expertise in video forensics, digital device forensics, data recovery, cyber forensics, and digital forensic training, they are well-equipped to support clients across Canada and around the world. Contact them today to learn more about their services and how they can help you with your digital forensic needs.

For more information, reach Teel Tech Canada at: 

Unit B1 759 Vanalman Ave.
Saanich, BC,
V8Z 3B8

Phone: 250-893-6125



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