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Truxton (USA)

truxton_transparent-800x640@2xADF Authorized Partner Truxton is maker of The Portable Forensics Lab (PFL) an industry leading portable lab solution designed for law enforcement and government agents. 

Truxton is based in the United States and supplies digital forensic hardware and software to US government entities. 

Truxton's Portable Forensics Lab (PFL) is a groundbreaking solution that empowers frontline agents with the immediate ability to collect, exploit, and triage media on the field. With this cutting-edge technology, law enforcement and government agents can now conduct investigations on the go, without the need to wait for resources back at their brick and mortar lab.

The PFL equips agents with the necessary tools to seamlessly collect evidence from various sources, including cell phones, tablets, GPS devices, and digital media. Additionally, it features a built-in camera for capturing high-quality images of documents and physical evidence. This comprehensive kit ensures that agents have everything they need to efficiently and effectively carry out their investigations.

The Portable Forensics Lab (PFL) w/ ADF’s DEI Pro combines industry-leading tools in an all-in-one, portable solution. The PFL provides Law Enforcement and Government Agencies the ability to immediately collect, exploit and triage media in the field, and export investigations back to their brick and mortar lab.

Truxton Portable Forensic Lab PFL with ADF Solutions Triage inside

The PFL is capable of collecting on cell phones (iPhones, Androids, Blackberry’s, etc.), SIM cards, Tablets, GPS Devices, Digital Media (HDD, SD, MicroSD, Thumb Drives, etc.) and includes a camera for document and physical evidence imaging.

Truxton PFL Kit: 

The PFL Kit Contains*

  • Water-Resistant Backpack
  • Laptop with Backup Hard Drive
  • Power Bank with Charging Cable
  • 2TB External Drives
  • 128 GB Jump Drives
  • USB Hub
  • 1 TB External Drive
  • Point and shoot camera with SD Card
  • Power Strip
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Tool kit
  • Backpack
  • Storage Bags for Cables
  • Nitrile and Cotton Gloves
  • Pen / Marker / Paper
  • Camera Covers
  • MicLock
  • Ruler
  • SIM Extractor / Adapter / Reader / ID-Cloner Cards
  • Faraday Bag
  • Document Camera
  • Hard Drive Write-Blocker
  • USB Write-Blocker
  • Card Reader Write-Blockers


• ADF Digital Evidence Investigator PRO Software (3-year License)
• Truxton LE Automated Forensics Analysis Software Single User License (3-year License)
• BC Wipe
• HDD/Digital Drive Imaging Software

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Contact: Dave Ryberg

Truxton Forensics



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