ADF Ambassador Program

An exclusive program for individuals who share our goal to speed investigations

ADF Brand Ambassador Program - Business People Shaking Hands

Do you have a genuine interest in ADF products? Are you willing to share your enthusiasm with others? If that's you then we invite you to apply for our exclusive digital forensics Ambassador Program. 

Why we Started the ADF Ambassador Program

As we innovate, we always seek to stay close to those that we serve. That's why we started this program ... so we'd have a formal path for individuals that believe in our tools and methodology. The ADF Authorized Partner program is ideal for small and large businesses but we wanted to create a program that would be a perfect fit for those that share our goals but may not be affiliated with an ADF Authorized Partner. 

Who Should Apply

The ADF Ambassador program is ideal for the following types of individuals:

  • Individual digital forensic investigators or examiners not affiliated with an agency or company 
  • Retired law enforcement officers
  • Retired military professionals with experience in DOMEX, MEDEX, CELLEX, sensitive site exploitation, etc. 
  • Professionals interested in helping stop child exploitation, CSAM, human trafficking, terrorism, fraud, etc. 
  • University professors teaching digital forensics, criminology, administration of justice, computer science, etc.
  • Students studying digital forensics, investigations, computer science, criminology, etc. 

Program Benefits

  • Access to a selection of ADF Certified User training
  • Discounts on Mobile Device Investigator, Digital Evidence Investigator, and DEI PRO digital forensic software 
  • Early access to ADF software beta programs
  • Invitations to exclusive Ambassador events (online, in-person)

Apply to be an ADF Ambassador Now