ADF Digital Forensic Webinar

Create ADF Custom Search Profiles 


Find digital evidence fast with ADF’s rapid search capabilities. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use ADF’s out-of-the-box and Custom Search Profiles to quickly collect files and artifacts.

Join Digital Forensic Specialist and Trainer Rich Frawley to learn:

  • When to use ADF built-in Search Profiles
  • How to customize Search Profiles to fit your investigation
  • How to easily import and export Search Profiles to focus your team’s searches
  • How to use Search Profiles across task force units
  • How Law Enforcement can request access to Anti-Human Trafficking Search Profiles 

Using ADF Search Profiles for digital forensic triage and investigations helps law enforcement improve the effectiveness of search warrants and streamlines both field and lab investigations.  

Watch: ADF Search Profiles Best Practices Webinar



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