A Guide to Mobile Device Investigations for Probation and Parole (Live On-Demand)

A Guide to Mobile Device Investigations for Probation & ParoleProbation and Parole officers routinely encounter mobile devices in their course of duty. They need the right policies, procedures, tools, and training to make quick on-scene  decisions.

  • Sex Offender Management
  • Financial and Economic Crime Investigations
  • Cybercrime Investigations

Join Rich Frawley along with Jim Tanner, PhD, President of KBSolutions and Denise Metz, the Supervisor of Colorado's 20th's Sex Offender and Economic Crime units as they discuss the specific issues and needs of Probation and Parole officers as they relate to mobile device investigations.

Denise, Jim, and Rich will share their experience building policies and procedures to support the use of on-scene software to speed investigations. You’ll hear their experiences using mobile device investigation software to conduct examinations and solve investigations quickly. Learn best practices for rolling out new tools to your team and how to get them trained quickly. 

Watch: Probation & Parole Investigations Webinar

Who should attend: Department of Justice, probation officers, parole officers or leaders from sex offender management units that need effective tools to use on-scene to ensure compliance with probation and parole requirements.


tablet and mobile phone with advertisement for DEI PRO digital forensic softwareLeverage Project VIC or CAID Hashsets On-Scene

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