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ADF Software Updates

As an ADF customer, you are eligible to receive software updates during your maintenance subscription term which is typically a one or three year period from the time of purchase. 

  • Active License Holder (non-expired): If you have an active license, you qualify for a free software update.
  • Expired License Holder: If you have expired ADF licenses, you can renew your ADF product(s) to receive upgrades to the current version.

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ADF Software Upgrade Options

ADF now allows users to combine ADF computer forensic tools with Mobile Device Investigator™ (MDI) software to add iOS and Android forensic capabilities in a single license. The software bundle with MDI for each product is indicated as a PRO tool. 

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Buy the Entity Extraction Add-on for Any ADF License

The Entity Extraction Add On provides Entity Extraction and Language Identification to provide an English gloss (Gisting) for over 200 languages with built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP). There is no need to load separate dictionaries, or even know beforehand what language(s) are contained within your documents.  The ADF Rosoka Add-on will not only tell you what languages are there, but we'll give you an English gloss to give you better insight for better decisions.

The Add-on is recommended for agencies performing counter-terrorism activities, or front-line field operations where officers or agents would benefit from a quick translation and identification of foreign languages.