ADF Evaluation Instructions

Thank you for your interest in evaluating the ADF forensic software. Note that the evaluation is not feature restricted but it does have an expiration date.

 Please follow the instructions below corresponding to the product you are evaluating.

DEI, TINV, TG2 Evaluation

Use your own flash drive to be up and running faster. Here is the procedure to set it up:

  • Format your flash drive
  • Create a folder called CKData at the root of the flash drive
  • Locate the USB flash drive's serial number and send it to ADF to obtain a license file
  • Place the license file in the CKData folder

If you have been provided with an ADF Evaluation Kit, it includes:

  • An Evaluation Key - An 8GB USB flash drive containing your license file. It can be used both as an Authentication Key (the license dongle) as well as a Collection Key (device to launch a scan of a stand-alone computer and store the collected data)
  • The software installer - on the Evaluation Key or from the ADF downloads page

You can also use your own USB storage device as Collection Key:

  • We highly recommend a USB flash drive with the following characteristics:
    • 32GB of storage or more
    • Read speed of at least 200MB/s
    • Write speed of at least 40MB/s
    • SSD technology
    • USB 3.0 compatible
  • The following USB flash drives have been tested by ADF and are highly recommended:
    • Samsung T5 SSD Drive
    • Corsair GTX SSD Drive

The Collection Key (CKY) has to be prepared prior to scanning a stand-alone computer:

  • Insert the USB device you want to use as a Collection Key
  • From the Home page select “Prepare Collection Key”
  • In the Collection Keys section, select your desired USB device
  • To complete the preparation, follow the on-screen prompts
  • Use your Collection Key on the target computer and insert the Authentication Key when prompted for license validation

To boot older target computers that do not support booting on a USB device, you can create a bootable CD).

Here's how to get started with this application.

Evaluation vs. Full License

Limited 8GB Storage Capacity of Evaluation Key

  • The full ADF Kit comes standard with a high-capacity high-speed SSD device to launch a scan of a stand-alone computer and store collected data.

Scanning Multiple Computers

  • The Evaluation key is both a license key and scan/storage device - consequently it can scan only one stand-alone computer at a time. The full ADF Kit comes with a dedicated Authentication Key which allows you to scan multiple stand-alone computers simultaneously. If you would like to scan multiple computers please create your own Collection Key (see above).

MDI Evaluation

IMPORTANT: Do not install MDI on the same machine as DEI/TINV/TG2. To use these products on the same computer please request a PRO license.

For a successful evaluation you will need:

Here's how to get started with this application.

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