Introducing mobile device investigator®

With an ever increasing number of adults owning a smartphone, it is no wonder that more and more crimes now commonly require mobile device evidence collection and analysis.  Mobile Device Investigator®, is a new digital investigation tool built from the ground up to leverage ADF Solutions’ powerful digital forensic investigation platform. Mobile Device Investigator (MDI) enables anyone to quickly conduct iOS and Android investigations on-scene or in the lab. Whether you are handling Child Exploitation cases, fraud, terrorism or performing any type of investigation, Mobile Device Investigator is the new powerful tool you’ll want in your toolkit.  

Introducing Mobile Device Investigator

 We invite you to learn more about ADF digital forensic software products, Mobile Device Investigator, Digital Evidence Investigator, Triage-Investigator, or Triage-G2 and the professional products on our Product Comparison page. 


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