Triage-G2 PRO Media Exploitation Classes In-Person at FIU Largo FloridaADF and Florida International University have teamed up to design and deliver digital forensics training to professional learners who desire to learn digital forensics in an in-person from experienced instructors. 

ADF and FIU have had a longstanding relationship through the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC). Teaming up to bring investigators a great learning experience based on the robust capabilities of Triage G2 PRO, will give learners the unique experience to leverage the combined industry expertise of FIU and ADF in a single classroom experience. 

Triage-G2 PRO Certified User training is designed to equip both technical and non-technical professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to use TG2 PRO for media exploitation to immediately extract conclusive intelligence and evidence from cell phones, mobile devices, computers and digital media.

Learn media exploitation: FIU COURSE OUTLINE 

Florida International University offers a 2-Day hands-on, instructor-led professional training for Triage-G2® PRO (TG2 PRO).  Trainees in this forward operator forensic triage and media exploitation training will learn how to configure Triage-G2®, operate the software and interpret results.

Introductions & Getting Started

  • Digital Forensic Triage and Media Exploitation Basics
  • Overview of How to Use Triage-G2®
    • Triage-G2® Terminology – Artifact Captures
    • Triage-G2® Terminology – File Captures
    • Triage-G2® Search Profiles – Quick, Intermediate, and Comprehensive
    • Triage-G2® Workflow

Setup & Installation

  • Triage-G2® software installation and the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (WADK)

Booting and BIOS

  • Accessing BIOS/UEFI Setup
  • Accessing Boot Menu
  • UEFI and Fastboot Issues
  • Booting Apple Macintosh computers

Capture: Conducting a Scan

  • Case Study: Scanning attached media
  • Case Study: Scanning drive images
  • Case Study: Carrying out a boot scan
  • Case Study: Carrying out a live scan

Analysis: Navigating Triage-G2

  • Navigating Capture Results
  • Understanding Picture, Video, Keyword, Files and Timeline Views
  • Column Settings
  • Filtering Captures and Picture, Video, Keyword, Files and Timeline Views
  • Tagging
  • Commenting


  • Case Study: Creating appropriate reports
  • Reporting - HTML
  • Reporting - CSV
  • Reporting – Stand-alone viewer


  • Device Imaging

Advanced Issues

  • Importing Search Profiles
  • Implications of thorough file identification and searching within containers
  • File type creation and implications
  • Searching browser cache issues
  • Case Study: Knowledge check

PRO Module: Mobile Device Investigator

  • Overview and terminology
  • Connecting a mobile device
  • Preview Mode
  • Conducting a scan
    • Taking Screenshots
    • Search Profiles
    • Creating backups
  • Creating Mobile Search Profiles
  • Analyzing Mobile Evidence  
  • PRO Module Final Exam

Triage-G2 PRO online training is a Digital First Responder® Training class available for teams of all sizes and is designed for professionals performing digital forensic triage or sensitive site exploitation