Gather Digital Intel: Try ADF Triage-G2

Triage-G2 Sensitive Site Exploitation DOMEX software

Triage-G2 Evaluation KitTriage-G2® is DoD approved for intelligence to support expeditionary special operators which provide tactical and operational level forensic technical exploitation capabilities to forward deployed forces.  Make ADF Triage G2 the baseline lab kit to support your site exploitation needs.  

The Triage-G2® Software Evaluation Kit includes: 

  • Full-featured 30 Day ADF Triage-G2® License
  • High speed 8 GB USB device
  • Getting started links
  • Access to support during your trial

Triage-G2® is designed specifically for non-technical military operators with a simple 2-step process to rapidly scan, extract, and analyze critical intelligence from computers and digital devices.

ADF software is deployed in biometric identity management kits for reconnaissance on a ruggedized, portable USB key.