ADF Solutions digital forensic experts designed the Triage-G2 Certified User training to equip both technical and non-technical forward operators with the knowledge and skills they need to use TG2 to immediately extract conclusive intelligence and evidence from computers and digital media. The class is self paced. Learners typically take approximately 16 hours to successfully complete the DOMEX training exercises and the final certification exam.  

Certified User Training-TG2 (1)

Learn how to collect digital evidence in the field or in the lab. Taught by Rich Frawley, ADF's digital forensic expert, students will learn how to configure Triage-G2, operate the digital forensic software, analyze and interpret the evidence and forensic results, and finish with a comprehensive report. This course contains a combination of lectures, videos, hands-on exercises, knowledge checks, and tests. A passing grade is required to obtain the ADF Triage-G2 Certified User Certificate.

Self-paced learning lessons include:

  • Introductions and getting started with Triage-G2
  • Triage and field use cases
  • Preserving digital evidence and the boot process
  • Installation and preparing a collection key
  • Introduction to the Triage-G2 user interface
  • Using a collection key to extract digital evidence
  • Case Study 1: Screens, Layouts, Controls
  • Case Study 2: Targeted Folders and Using Hashing
  • Case Study 3: Keyword Usage
  • Case Study 4: Custom Search Profiles
  • File Identification
  • Search Profile Lab
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Triage-G2 - Final Exam

Triage-G2 online training is a Digital First Responder® Training class recommended for Intelligence Agents and Military Field Operators performing computer and media exploitation. Learn how to perform DOMEX, MEDEX, CELLEX and Sensitive Site Exploitation using ADF triage software. 

$995.00 per person

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