The ADF Cloud Platform is designed for those agencies who want to manage their ADF licenses and gather key usage data on scans performed by their users. It is available in both private and hosted configurations. The platform hosts ADF's new web-based digital forensic applications and will serve as the foundation for new Private Cloud forensic capabilities.

ADF Cloud Platform

License Server

The license server provides license tokens to the ADF desktop applications allowing them to run. This system replaces the need for individual Authentication Keys for each ADF desktop application.

token server 1

Audit Trail

The audit trail gathers usage data related to scanning and imaging of mobile devices and computers, from the ADF desktop applications and presents this information in graphs.

scans web app 3

License Server Benefits

When leveraging the Token Server, your agency gets on-demand software license management, cost control, and the ability to check in and check out licenses.


Audit Trail Features

Track usage data, visualize scan data, see which devices are encountered the most and adjust your resource needs with this concrete data.

scans web app 2
ADF Cloud Platform Download Page

Digital Forensics in the Cloud

Scale the number of users that have access to licenses with check-in/check-out functionality and visualize how users are leveraging ADF desktop tools to maximize efficiency across the organization.

ADF Cloud Platform Demo

Watch this short overview of how the ADF Cloud Platform with Token Server and Audit Trail work for current users of ADF's suite of tools.

“The Audit Trail app that we are introducing will help forensic unit managers answer questions about how their lab performs. They will know how many devices were scanned and imaged last month or yesterday. They will know how long scans take, how much data is collected, and what type of devices are processed. This information will allow them to better manage their resources and justify their expansion to meet demand.” Raphael Bousquet, CTO