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Join podcast host, Bret Peters, in conversations with professionals from law enforcement, law firms, technology companies, digital forensics, and education institutions working to make the world more just.

Olivia and Ralph Arnauts

Founders of Project ZF

Olivia and Ralph Arnauts, founders of Project ZF, share their personal stories and discuss their work in combating human trafficking and exploitation. Olivia shares her experience as a survivor and how it motivated her to help others. Ralph talks about his military background and their decision to start their own business. Some key takeaways include:

  • Survivors of human trafficking and exploitation can use their experiences to help others and make a difference.
  • Communication and setting boundaries are key to maintaining a successful marriage and business partnership.
  • Proactive measures such as risk assessments and due diligence can help prevent and address human trafficking and exploitation.
  • Maintaining a sense of humor and finding joy in life's challenges can help navigate difficult situations.
  • Parents should educate themselves and their children about the risks and dangers of human trafficking and exploitation.
  • Law enforcement professionals should collaborate with organizations and utilize resources to effectively combat human trafficking and exploitation. Parents should teach their children how to recognize and respond to online threats, empowering them to take action and protect themselves.

Olivia & Ralph Arnauts

Matt Richardson

Senior Advisor, Intelligence and Child Safety, ATII

Matt Richardson discusses the role of social media platforms in child exploitation and provides advice for parents to keep their kids safe online. He highlights the signs of predators and online grooming and emphasizes the importance of open communication with children. He discusses ATII's focus in 2024 and encourages individuals to get involved with the organization.  Highlights include:

  • Social media platforms have a responsibility to safeguard children from exploitation and should do more to address the presence of illegal content and predatory behavior.
  • Parents should have open and honest communication with their children about online safety and establish trust so that children feel comfortable reporting any concerning interactions.
  • Signs of online grooming include flattery, bribery, and attempts to move conversations to private platforms. Parents should be vigilant and monitor their children's online activities.
  • ATII is focused on building a robust trust and safety unit to collaborate with social media and technology companies in reducing child exploitation online.
  • Individuals can get involved with ATII as volunteers or sponsors to support their mission of combating child exploitation.

Matt Richardson-1

Chong Kim

Author of Broken Silence, Film Producer of E40S

Chong Kim, a survivor, author and film producer shares advice for parents to protect their children from online grooming and exploitation and discusses her upcoming film project E40S. Highlights include: 

  • Children do not leave happy homes; there are underlying issues that need investigation.
  • The stigma surrounding human trafficking persists due to societal norms and lack of awareness.
  • Government actions and legislation are crucial in combating human trafficking and supporting survivors.
  • Parents should educate themselves about online grooming and take proactive measures to protect their children.
  • Survivors of human trafficking need access to trauma-informed counseling and support services.
  • Films and media can play a significant role in raising awareness and changing perceptions about human trafficking.

Chong Kim

Clayton Cranford

The Cyber Safety Cop

Having spent time in law enforcement and as a School Resource Officer (SRO), Clay has a unique perspective on how to protect kids from exploitation and human trafficking. Clay highlights: 

  • How school resource officers play a crucial role in addressing online safety in schools.
  • Which monitoring and parental controls can help parents ensure their children's online safety.
  • How to access resources and support, so parents can be armed with the knowledge and tools to navigate the challenges of the digital world. 
  • The problems with vaping, the rise of marijuana use among young people and the dangers of counterfeit pills containing fentanyl.
  • When parents should start having age-appropriate conversations with their children about internet safety and device usage from a young age.

Clayton Cranford Spotify - ADF LEGENDS

Austin Shamlin

Combatting Human Trafficking with Traverse Project

Austin shares his personal connection to human trafficking and the limitations of traditional approaches. He discusses the importance of financial disruption and the need for long-term investigations and global takedowns. Austin highlights

  • The significance of data collection and quantifying the problem. 
  • Providing digital forensics tools to indigenous communities.
  • The importance of involving young people in the fight against human trafficking.
  • Various strategies for minimizing stress, the benefits of meditation,  finding escapes and recharging, and supporting the Traverse Project.

Austin Shamlin on ADF LEGENDS Podcast

Joe Scaramucci

Director of Law Enforcement for Skull Games

Joe discusses his work combating human trafficking. He emphasizes the need for a shift in law enforcement's approach to trafficking, moving away from arresting victims and focusing on targeting traffickers. Joe also highlights:

  • The importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies and organizations like Skull Games in combatting trafficking.
  • Misconceptions surrounding trafficking and offers advice for parents on keeping their children safe.
  • The importance of community-based efforts in addressing trafficking.
  • Long-term strategies in fighting crime, and the importance of investing for the future. 

Joe Scaramucci

Kevin Metcalf

Prosecutor & Expert in Anti-Human Trafficking

Kevin is an attorney and expert in child protection. He discusses the importance of protecting children online and the challenges parents face. He emphasizes the need for parents to build trust and open communication with their children, as well as the dangers of isolation and grooming. He highlights:

  • The risk of abuse within trusted circles and provides guidance on identifying signs of trouble.
  • Training programs for law enforcement agencies.
  • The economic aspects of child exploitation and the difference between exploitation and trafficking.
  • Staying hopeful in the face of darkness, lobbying for change, the role of parents, legislation and awareness, and reaching out for training.

Kevin Metcalf

Rich Frawley

Law Enforcement Veteran and Digital Forensics Expert

Rich shares his journey in law enforcement and digital forensics. He discusses his transition from policing and covers: 

  • International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS).
  • Mobile Device Investigator and its importance in victim witness scenarios.
  • The challenges of testifying in court and simplifying technical concepts for a layman audience.
  • Advice on protecting families from internet predators and highlights the need for parents to stay engaged and understand the technology their children are using. 

Rich Frawley

The ADF LEGENDS Podcast brings you conversations with experts in combatting human trafficking, child exploitation, digital forensics, cyber triage, cyber security, e-discovery and topics related to making the world a more just place. Guests share their experiences, expertise and advice to help you in your everyday life. 

"We can't be standing over our kid's shoulder every moment, we've got to be continually having these conversations with them. Otherwise, we're just kind of hoping it works out and I don't think that's a good place to be."

Clayton Cranford

Cyber Safety Cop