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4N6 (Italy)

ADF Partner 4n6 logo - Italy4N6 is a privately-owned firm founded with the goal of providing expert knowledge of computer forensics. With this sole goal, we strive to offer you outstanding service.

  • Computer Forensic Investigations
  • Expert Witness and Expert Consulting
  • eDiscovery
  • Digital Litigation Support
  • Training
  • Forensic Lab Consulting

Our combined experience of years in the field conducting and training personnel in digital forensics make us second to none.

4N6 provides expert digital forensic services for those investigators, businesses, law firms or individuals who have minimal or no knowledge on how to conduct digital forensic investigations.
Each of our examiners holds a solid, verifiable track record and multiple years of full-time experience dealing with computer forensics techniques and methodologies accepted in the prosecution of criminal cases. 

If data is still present, even in a fragmented form, there is no limit to what 4N6’s digital forensics experts can find. Whether we are asked to recover electronic communications, authenticate an electronic document, determine computer activity or usage patterns, or identify what happened to specific information on a computer system, computer forensic examinations can shed light on a multitude of internal, civil, or criminal matters.

4N6 professional services include:

  • Acquisition, analysis and storage of acquired data from hard drives, mobile phones or other media (USB, external drives, CD/DVDs, tapes, memory cards)
  • Live analysis (server, NAS, SAN or RAIDs)
  • Mobile device acquisition and forensic analysis (phones, tablets)
  • Expert witness before civil or criminal courts
  • Forensic analysis on Windows, Linux or OSX operating system
  • Email server analysis (Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc), keyword search, email extraction
  • Events reconstruction, user activity, web history, chat (Skype), social networks (Facebook, Twitter), email
  • Log acquisition and analysis
  • Data recovery

Matters we deal on a daily basis: Confidential data leakage, Intrusions, Cyber Investigations, eDiscovery, Litigation Support, Identity theft, Industrial espionage, Employee misconduct, Fraud, Stalking, HR policy violations, Internal threats, Malware/Malicious software, Indecent images, internet Child Abuse, Internet Defamation, online reputation, Illegal internet distribution of software.

4N6 S.R.L.
Via della Fiera, 12
26013 Crema (CR) - Italy 

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