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Forward Defense (UAE)

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Forward Defense has spent years working with a select clientele of governmental agencies and multinational companies with extreme IT security and digital investigation requirements. Over the last decade, threat vectors previously encountered only by nation states have become increasingly common. Our team has been managing the risks from these attacks for our high-security clients for years, and as the threat landscape shifts, so too have the number of organizations that require access to seasoned and trusted IT security advisors.

We work in partnership with our clients to understand your risks, your needs, and your assets. With that understanding, we help maximize the effectiveness of your existing assets before identifying any gaps that may require additional assistance to address.

Whether designing governmental digital forensics laboratories, helping a telecommunications company implement a CERT, or testing and adjusting your IT defenses to deter future attacks, our team brings global expertise in some of the most challenging security environments in the world. Let us help you meet your needs with our cost-effective, reality-based approach.

Active Cyber Defense

We expose your cyber enemies and eliminate them from your network by leveraging anomaly analysis, active hunting, cyber-recon by fire, and clear-and-hold missions.

The best defense is an active defense

Combating criminals or organizations that are constantly battling against your network infrastructure requires you to proactively investigate, track down and, with prejudice, remove them.

We train and make-ready your organization so all relevant sections project a constantly evolving active deterrent to intruders and, if pockets of the defense are breached if a breach is suspected, either eradicate them from the network or confirm that they were not there in the first place.

By integrating timely threat intelligence, security practitioners can deploy an active defense specifically targeted at critical resources rather than focusing on the outer perimeter.

Forward Defense
51st Floor, Addax Tower
City of Lights
Al Reem Island
PO Box 47019
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Phone: +971 2 676 7676


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