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ADF Solutions Adds New Capability For e-Discovery Investigations

Posted by ADF Solutions on May 21, 2024
ADF Solutions

[Reston, VA] - ADF Solutions announces the launch of Version 2.9 of Mobile Device Investigator (MDI), which can now create Load Files for eDiscovery investigations. This capability makes it possible to collect messages and other important digital records from Android/iOS mobile devices and load this data directly into an eDiscovery platform such as Exterro, Nuix, Reveal, Relativity, and CloudNine Concordance. The target device is connected to MDI, which acquires the data and creates the Load Files.Version 5.92.9 Release Email (Twitter Post) (1)

“We have heard from many corporations that current solutions to obtain messages from mobile devices are either too expensive or don't collect enough information. We are happy to help solve this problem with our decades of digital forensic expertise and offer a solution that is both affordable and comprehensive to corporations large and small in need of better acquisition tools for their electronic discovery..” - Raphael Bousquet, CTO of ADF Solutions

What This Solves

Many solutions exist to acquire data from Cloud services. However, when it comes to gathering data from devices at the edge, such as BYOD, there are relatively few available solutions. To address this issue, ADF has developed a new feature within their mobile forensics tool, Mobile Device Investigator, which allows corporations to perform eDiscovery on phone data, including messages, contacts, and more. What sets this tool apart is its new ability to save data in the Load File format. The Load Files generated by the tool can be easily ingested into an eDiscovery platform for analysis, making data collection and analysis more seamless and efficient for organizations. With this new feature, organizations can make more informed decisions based on the insights and information derived from the data. The process of collecting and analyzing data has never been easier, thanks to ADF's Mobile Device Investigator tool.

About ADF Solutions:

ADF Solutions is a leading provider of digital forensics and forensic triage software. ADF offers various services and products, including certified digital forensics training and digital forensic software. ADF’s team of talented digital forensics professionals have experience working on various cases, including human trafficking, child exploitation, cybercrime, border security, and criminal investigations. For more information, visit

Media Contact:

Brittany Roberts
Director of Marketing

Advanced Digital Forensic Solutions, Inc.

+1 (301) 658-2411

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