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ADF Solutions Announces Partnership with Defenders For Children

Posted by ADF Solutions on January 31, 2024
ADF Solutions

ADF Solutions Announces Partnership with Defenders For Children

to Protect and Serve Children

[Reston, VA ]— ADF Solutions, a leader in digital forensics and cybercrime investigation software, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Defenders For Children, a non-profit organization committed to safeguarding children and eradicating child abuse and exploitation. This partnership aims to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies in their mission to protect children from harm and bring more offenders to justice.

In a joint effort to combat child exploitation and abuse, ADF Solutions has pledged to donate a license of their Digital Evidence Investigator PRO (DEI PRO) software to law enforcement agencies with each Electronic Detection K9 provided by Defenders For Children.  The K9s have a unique ability to locate hidden electronic storage devices and cameras during searches. Many of the devices are used to store horrible images and videos of children being hurt.  This collaboration combines the unique strengths of both organizations to empower law enforcement officials to uncover hidden devices and extract digital evidence from the devices more efficiently.

One of the standout features of this partnership is the integration of Electronic Detection K9s with ADF digital forensics tools. This innovative approach ensures that law enforcement agencies have the necessary technology and expertise to quickly identify, capture, and analyze digital evidence on the scene, improving their overall investigative capabilities.

"Defenders For Children and ADF Solutions are mission-driven organizations united by a shared purpose: to protect the most vulnerable members of our society - our children. We are excited to combine our expertise to help law enforcement agencies combat child abuse, trafficking, and exploitation effectively," said Seth Land, VP of Sales for ADF Solutions.

Moreover, ADF Solutions is taking its commitment further by offering one year of free support for the partnered law enforcement agencies. During this time, they will also provide free training and premier customer support, ensuring that agencies maximize their digital forensics resources.

“We are excited to see the results of our partnership with ADF Software, which allows investigators to analyze devices located by DFC's sponsored Electronic Detection K9s immediately. On-site analysis provides law enforcement officers with another essential tool to take quicker action and stop those who victimize children. It's a perfect collaboration of our two organization's missions,” said Toni Clark, Executive Director for Defenders For ChildrenIMG_2733

Both ADF Solutions and Defenders For Children firmly believe in the power of collaboration and technology to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children. Through this partnership, they are determined to break the cycle of child abuse and exploitation and work tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of children everywhere.

About ADF Solutions:

ADF Solutions is a leading provider of digital forensics and forensic triage software. ADF offers various services and products, including certified digital forensics training and digital forensic software. ADF’s team of talented digital forensics professionals has experience working on multiple cases, including human trafficking, child exploitation, cybercrime, border security, and criminal investigations. For more information, visit

About Defenders For Children:

Defenders For Children is a non-profit organization committed to eradicating child abuse, trafficking, child pornography, and exploitation in all its forms. They bring the public together to grant a new powerful tool, the Electronic Detection K9s, to law enforcement agencies in communities dealing with high levels of crimes against children, creating safer communities for families, women, and children.  For more info, visit  

Media Contact:

Brittany Roberts

Director of Marketing

Advanced Digital Forensic Solutions, Inc.

+1 (301) 658-2411

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