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ADF Supported Web Browsers ft. Chromium Based Browsers

Posted by Brittany Roberts on May 5, 2022
Brittany Roberts

This post will list all supported web browsers that ADF tools can investigate including Chromium-based browsers. As a digital investigator, you want to be prepared and ready for anything on-scene and that includes being able to collect digital evidence from mobile and computer devices.

In this post, we’ll define Chromium-based browsers, showcase new and updated artifacts that ADF can collect, and provide resources for getting started with using ADF tools to search different web browsers for evidence. 

What are Chromium-Based Browsers?

Chromium is an open-source and free software project that Google created and whose source code provides a basis for other multiple browsers [1]. Chromium-based browsers are just as secure as Chrome. However, there is a lack of an update mechanism which means that security patches to the source code will have to be manually downloaded and installed by the user [2]. Chromium-based browsers run on Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Chromium Based Browsers include:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Opera

ADF and Supported Web Browsers 

ADF’s Latest Release contains the following new and updated artifacts for supported web browsers including chromium-based browsers:

  • Artifacts: Chromium-based (Download History extraction on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android-rooted) - updated
  • Artifacts: Chromium-based (Search Terms extraction on Windows, macOS) - updated
  • Artifacts: Edge (Form Data extraction on macOS, Windows) - updated
  • Artifacts: Firefox (Bookmarks extraction on Android, Android-rooted, iOS, iOS-rooted, macOS, Windows) - updated
  • Artifacts: Firefox (Browser Cache extraction on Android-rooted, macOS, Windows) - updated
  • Artifacts: Firefox (Browsing History extraction on Android-rooted, iOS, macOS, Windows) - updated
  • Artifacts: Firefox (Form Data extraction on Android-rooted, macOS, Windows) - updated
  • Artifacts: Safari (Bookmarks extraction on iOS) - updated
  • Artifacts: Safari (Browsing History extraction on iOS) - updated

It is imperative for digital forensic tools to be able to collect the artifacts investigators need to solve mobile and computer forensics crimes faster. Being able to extract browser cache, browser history, download history, bookmarks, and more allows digital forensics investigators to find the critical evidence they need to build their case. 

Learn more about collecting evidence from web browsers from our Web Credentials article 

Topics: Internet Investigation, Computer Forensics

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