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ADF Supports International Justice Mission Against Human Trafficking

Posted by ADF Solutions on August 28, 2023
ADF Solutions

[Reston, VA] - ADF Solutions Inc., a leader in digital forensics software, proudly stands alongside International Justice Mission’s (IJM) work in Thailand in its unyielding efforts to eradicate human trafficking and modern-day slavery. This powerful partnership signifies a significant stride forward in the global fight against these grave injustices.

As an advocate for justice and human rights, ADF Solutions supports IJM, an organization that protects people in poverty from violence by rescuing victims, bringing criminals to justice, restoring survivors to safety and strength, and helping local law enforcement build a safe, sustainable future  By aligning with IJM's mission, ADF Solutions showcases its dedication to making a lasting impact on global human rights challenges.Together Against Human Trafficking IJM + ADF (Twitter Post)

"We are honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with International Justice Mission in their tireless pursuit of justice for victims of human trafficking and slavery," expressed Brittany Roberts, Director of Marketing at ADF Solutions. "Our shared values and commitment to protecting vulnerable individuals drive us to support IJM in their crucial work."

The collaboration between ADF Solutions and IJM extends beyond technological advancements. It is a demonstration of solidarity, as both organizations unite to amplify their efforts in combating abhorrent crimes. Through this partnership, ADF Solutions emphasizes its commitment to fostering a world where every individual's rights are respected and upheld.

"We’re grateful for the partnership with ADF Solutions," remarked Andrew Wasuwongse, IJM Thailand Country Director. “ADF Solutions strengthens IJM's technical capacities to support our Thai law enforcement partners in conducting investigations into cases of forced labor and human trafficking, specifically through digital evidence. When companies, governments, and non-profits work together, we have the chance of making a real impact in real cases, which in turn impacts and extends protection to real lives.”

About ADF Solutions:

ADF Solutions is a leading provider of digital forensic software worldwide. Since 2005, ADF has empowered investigators with the industry's most comprehensive digital investigation platform. Our tools help professionals in law enforcement, defense, intelligence, and corporate investigations achieve greater efficiency and superior results. For more information, visit

About International Justice Mission (IJM):

International Justice Mission is a global organization that protects people from violence. By partnering with local authorities to rescue victims of violence, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems. IJM's work in Thailand focuses on combating forced labor and human trafficking. For more information, visit

For media inquiries, please contact:

ADF Solutions:

Brittany Roberts
Director of Marketing


Maggie Cutrell
Direction, Media and Communications

Learn more about Human Trafficking 

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