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Archiving with the Standalone Viewer

Posted by Richard T. Frawley on December 11, 2019
Richard T. Frawley
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When your case is complete and it comes time to archive your case,  the best method is to archive with the Stand Alone Viewer, located within reporting.

The Standalone Viewer option outputs all of the scan results into a self-contained folder that includes a built-in standalone application that can view the results. This standalone application runs independently on the ADF suite of tools and can be run on any Windows computer where the user has sufficient privileges. No license is required to view these reports. 

Any tags, comments, filters or sorting that have taken place during the initial review are included in the output. The Standalone Viewer cannot be run from read-only storage devices such as CDs or DVDs. 

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Standalone Viewer reports allow easy collaboration with other investigators and provide a good method of archiving scan results.

When using this method to archive your scan results you do not have to worry about backwards compatibility as the results will open just like the day you archived them and without the need for a license.

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