3 Ways to Keep Your Corporate Secrets Secure

An increase in company privatizations has caused the cases of corporate crimes to increase as well. Corporate crimes can include bribery among public officials, embezzlement of public funds, stock..

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3 Reasons Why You Need Police Evidence Management Software

As technology continues to change, police departments must look for ways to increase efficiency and management, and one area that requires continuous innovation is police evidence management.

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What is Offender Management Software for Prisons?

Correctional facilities are facing a growing concern as the use of contraband cell phones within jails and prisons is increasing.

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Sex Offender Management Software: Learn Why Agencies Should Have It

To better understand sex offenders’ risks, patterns in their access to sexual materials online must be monitored. Forensic case management software has the ability to scan an offender’s mobile..

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6 Benefits to Buying Probation Software

With today’s modern technology, workplaces have begun implementing programs and devices that increase productivity and the ease of management. US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that by the end of..

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Probation Management Software: Track Information on Defendants & Cases

Probation and parole officers may find themselves overwhelmed and with limited resources when it comes to supervising a multitude of offenders. The number of offenders on federal supervised release..

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