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Nuris Rodriguez is a Content Writer for ADF Solutions. She has a Professional Science Master's in Forensic Science from Florida International University and completing a bachelor's in English Literature.
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3 Ways to Keep Your Corporate Secrets Secure

November 23, 2022

An increase in company privatizations has caused the cases of corporate crimes to increase as well. Corporate crimes can include bribery among public officials, embezzlement of public funds, stock market manipulation, environmental damage resulting from negligence, etc [1]. They are committed by an individual or an official corporate entity to organizational gain. 

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3 Reasons Why You Need Police Evidence Management Software

September 21, 2022

As technology continues to change, police departments must look for ways to increase efficiency and management, and one area that requires continuous innovation is police evidence management.

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What is Offender Management Software for Prisons?

September 14, 2022

Correctional facilities are facing a growing concern as the use of contraband cell phones within jails and prisons is increasing.

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Sex Offender Management Software: Learn Why Agencies Should Have It

September 7, 2022

To better understand sex offenders’ risks, patterns in their access to sexual materials online must be monitored. Forensic case management software has the ability to scan an offender’s mobile device, therefore, discovering any new or commonly accessed materials. Rapid analysis and comprehensive reports can be conducted more frequently. Learning to better manage sex offenders assures agencies that victims and communities are being kept safe. 

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6 Benefits to Buying Probation Software

August 24, 2022

With today’s modern technology, workplaces have begun implementing programs and devices that increase productivity and the ease of management. US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that by the end of 2020, up to 77% of jobs would use technology on a regular basis [1]. With an increase in offenders under supervision after their release, probation and parole officers must find ways to incorporate modern technology and software into their daily supervision tasks.

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Probation Management Software: Track Information on Defendants and Cases

August 17, 2022

Probation and parole officers may find themselves overwhelmed and with limited resources when it comes to supervising a multitude of offenders. The number of offenders on federal supervised release tripled to approximately 115,000 between the years 1995 and 2015 [1]. New innovations in technology have added to the pressures of community supervision.

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What is Compassionate Policing?

August 10, 2022

Compassionate policing involves law enforcement engaging with their community through the process of building collaborative relationships, mutual trust and respect, common interests, and a sense of shared responsibility [1]. Continuous exposure to confrontation and work stressors may result in an officer's inability to cope with the pressures, and therefore a loss of compassion when dealing with the public. This can lead to strained relationships with the citizens of the community. Compassionate policing goes beyond just the officers and extends to organizations as a whole. Its ideas and practices may also be applied to digital forensics and incident response.  

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How Digital Forensics Services Can Help You

August 3, 2022

Investigating events may require the use of experts and professionals from a variety of fields. Evidence gathered at a crime scene could call for analysis by several disciplines such as DNA, drug chemistry, weapons, cyber security, and digital forensics. It is important for law enforcement agencies and corporations to have access to the proper digital forensics services and tools. Evidence obtained from devices following established guidelines by professionals who have digital forensics training strengthens the validity of the evidence and aids in the prosecution of suspects. In this post, we highlight why digital forensics is important when investigating events and how digital forensic services can help you. 

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Why Computer Forensics Software is Vital to Digital Evidence Discovery

July 27, 2022

In a technology-dependent society, many of our daily tasks involve an electronic device. Our activity on these devices is stored and can be traced back to its source with the use of computer forensic software. A multitude of crimes are committed in which suspects unknowingly have some trace of evidence left on their electronic devices. This makes digital evidence collection possible. Evidence can come in a variety of forms such as photos, searched items, audio-video files, web history, and more. Even files that have been deleted can often be retrieved again by investigators with the use of computer forensic software. 

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How ADF Supports Counterterrorism Investigations

July 20, 2022

While the internet has provided many ways for people to form connections and share information it has also become a mode through which terrorism is facilitated. Organized groups can coordinate and conduct crimes easily and with anonymity. Their audience and reach are limitless, allowing terrorists to communicate globally with very few barriers. Military forces and government agencies must engage in counterterrorism and employ tactics to prevent these terrorist attacks from occurring. Computer forensic software is a major tool in a military force’s arsenal. With the proper software, they can collect and analyze actionable intelligence while also detecting and disrupting threats. This post will provide information on how the internet is used for terrorism and how ADF’s computer forensic software tools support counterterrorism. 

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Which Computer Forensics Software Should I Use? 3 Forensics Software Tools You Absolutely Need To Know About

July 13, 2022

As early as 1984, the FBI Laboratory and other law enforcement agencies began developing programs to examine computer evidence [1]. Since the publication of ISO 17025 by the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) which was centered around the best practices for computer forensics, standards and guidelines were established to help computer forensics investigators. It became clear that the proper computer forensic software needed to be produced to allow for the collection of data but also function with changing technology in our modern era. The right computer forensic software should allow for each stage of digital evidence collection to be completed successfully. Investigation's reliability is predominantly determined by the validity and correctness of computer forensic software tools and their application process [2]. This post will focus on computer forensic software tools and how they can be beneficial in the process of digital evidence collection. 

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Get the Forensic Data you need With Computer Data Forensics

July 6, 2022

Computer forensic software is a key tool used by forensic investigators during digital evidence collection. This software aims to allow forensic investigators to identify, collect, and analyze data quickly and efficiently. There are two types of computer forensics: network forensics and host-based forensics. Network forensics focuses on the investigation of network traffic and session information. Host-based forensics collects and analyzes individual computer systems [1]. Computer forensic software should provide range and flexibility in its use so that a variety of law enforcement entities and corporate companies can apply it in investigations. ADF’s computer forensic software accomplishes this task, among many others.

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Software and Hardware Tools to Stabilize Crime Scenes

July 1, 2022

Computer forensics is just one of the many branches of forensic science. Its importance has become prevalent as technology improved and became an integral part of our society. Computer forensic software tools allow investigators to obtain and preserve evidence from digital devices, whether computers, phones, or storage devices. When done properly, this evidence can be admissible in court and aid in the prosecution of criminals. With established protocols and methods in place, data can be retrieved from a multitude of devices using hardware and software forensic tools. In this post, we will discuss computer forensics and its role in solving crimes. 

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Cybercrime: What It Is and How To Stay Safe

June 29, 2022

The development of new technology has changed the ways information is disseminated and accessed. It has allowed individuals to access a variety of information within minutes. Although, with this growing use and dependence on technology the tactics used in cybercrime have evolved to effectively infiltrate these ever-changing systems. Maintaining the knowledge and tools needed to counteract these cybercrime attempts has become paramount. Any user that is dependent on technological gadgets and software can be at risk of cybercrime. In this post, we will discuss what exactly is cybercrime and how to stay safe. 

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Top 4 Ways to Amplify Cyber Security with Investigation Software

June 22, 2022

Modern times have increased the number of devices, programs, users, and data, making agencies and businesses vulnerable. Cyber-attacks have taken on more sophisticated forms over time. Cyber security allows agencies to protect their internet-connected systems such as software, hardware, and data [1]. Cyber security includes technologies, processes, and methods to defend these computer systems. It is imperative to incorporate strong strategies in cyber security in the world of digital forensics to prevent malicious attacks intended to access sensitive data. In this post, we will provide the top 4 ways to amplify cyber security using Cyber Crime Investigation Software

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