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William Colley

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William Colley has over ten years of experience in the law enforcement field. During his tenure as a sworn officer, William was a member of the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Taskforce. Additionally, he supervised the Alabama Law Enforcement Services Division Intelligence Unit and received several awards, including agent of the year.

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How Digital Forensic Software Unveils the Secrets of Cyber Espionage

September 13, 2023

Cyber espionage has become a significant threat to governments in the digital age. The clandestine nature of these operations makes it challenging to detect the responsible parties. With digital forensic software, investigators can now use powerful tools to uncover the secrets of cyber threats. This post will discuss how digital forensic software helps find evidence, investigate cyber attacks to assist with government cybersecurity and bring cyber spies to justice.

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Digital Forensic Software: Enhancing Public Safety For Law Enforcement

June 16, 2023

Digital forensic software plays a vital role in maintaining public safety by helping first responders and law enforcement agencies investigate and prevent criminal activities. Enabling investigators to analyze digital data and evidence to identify suspects, establish

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3 Ways Digital Forensic Software Can Improve Forensic Lab Operations

May 17, 2023

Digital forensic software has revolutionized how forensic labs operate, allowing examiners to collect, analyze, and report digital evidence faster and more efficiently.

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5 Tips For Collecting Digital Evidence Properly

February 1, 2023

In order for your digital evidence to be used in a court of law you should take care in your evidence collection procedures from digital devices. Best practices for collection are designed to help you maintain the integrity of evidence. Individual agencies may have their own policies and procedures in place but overall general practices may be similar.

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How to Preserve Digital Evidence: The Importance of Data Collection

December 21, 2022

The preservation of digital evidence begins at the crime scene. It is imperative for all parties involved including forensic investigators to take active measures in the preservation and collection of digital evidence. Not only are computer data and digital evidence fragile, but forensic investigators must also consider laws when seizing and accessing electronic devices and the evidence stored in them.

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