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2019 IACP Technology Conference

Posted by Bradford Oliver on May 22, 2019
Bradford Oliver

2019 IACP LEIT - ADF Digital ForensicsThis week, nearly 1,000 law enforcement professionals from across the United States and around the world are meeting in Jacksonville, Florida for to discuss and discover new technologies designed to promote public safety, police safety and policing techniques. 

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Law Enforcement Technology Conference (LEIT) was opened by Mike Williams from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office who introduced keynote speaker Harold Arm from INTERPOL. The event is being attended by nearly 1,000 law enforcement professionals who desire to learn best practices for utilizing new technology in policing. Session topics include:

  • Responding to disasters with integrated technology
  • Preparing for a cyber attack
  • Utilizing advanced GPS technology to address crime trends
  • IoT security for public safety
  • Accessing the impact of AI and policing best practices
  • Investigating child sex trafficking in a post-backpage world
  • Drone cops: law enforcement use of small unmanned aircraft systems
  • Managing diverse collections of visual data
  • Mobile forensics data and advance app analysis 
  • Serving cybercrime victims
  • Understanding the value of digital evidence
  • Saving lives and solving crime with speech to text transcribe and translate technology
  • Top 10 digital evidence management challenges and best practices 
  • Investigations impacted by social media - how to make more of digital evidence 
  • How small towns can use technology to enhance crime-fighting tactics
  • Intel-led approach to reducing gang violence
  • Investigating technology-facilitated domestic violence & sexual assault 
  • Tor, Onion Routers, Deep Net, and Dark Net: A deep dive for criminal investigators 

Police, sheriffs, constables, investigators and other LE professionals (local/state CTOs/CIOs, crime analysts, IT managers, patrol officers, etc.) at the conference are exploring the ways law enforcement agencies can learn best practices from one another and utilize new technologies to combat the ever increasing and ever sophisticated cyber crimes.

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