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Scan iOS Devices with Mobile Device Investigator

Posted by Richard T. Frawley on May 23, 2019
Richard T. Frawley

Learn how to quickly scan iOS devices, smartphones or tablets, in this 2 minute short "How To" video created by Rich Frawley, our Director of Digital Forensic Training. Rich will walk you through how to attach and scan an iOS device with Mobile Device Investigator® (MDI) using an iPhone.

With the easy-to-use Mobile Device Investigator®, you can now quickly and easily collect digital evidence from iOS and Android phones and tablets. The Mobile Device Investigator® software tool is designed to be operated by front line police, sheriffs, field agents, and investigator investigating all type of cybercrime including: 

Connect a suspect device via USB port to triage the mobile device and quickly collect evidence and perform an advanced logical acquisition.

  • User-friendly requires minimal training
  • Fast logical acquisition up to 4GB of data per minute
  • Search for keywords and hash values during acquisition
  • Perform a quick review of the data using the picture gallery, video frames, comprehensive filters, VICS/CAID auto-categorization, data de-duplication and white-list elimination
  • Capture screenshots with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the data using the visual classification, timeline view, and view links between files of interest and user activities.
  • Create a custom report with tagged data and export  reports in PDF, HTML, CSV or VICS formats
  • Share reports with investigators and prosecutors using ADF’s Standalone Viewer

The Mobile Device Investigator® (MDI) software can also be deployed in the PRO versions of  Digital Evidence Investigator®, Triage-Investigator® or Triage-G2®. Talk with your account manager for details. 

Learn: How to Start an Android Scan with MDI

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