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ADF Launches New Digital Forensic Software Versions

Posted by Bret Peters on March 28, 2018
Bret Peters

CaptureToday, ADF is announcing the release of new digital forensic software versions for our products: 

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ADF software is deployed in field and lab investigations of computers and devices and is used to both automatically and quickly collect, identify and report on digital evidence - thereby reducing or eliminating forensic backlogs that many agencies and organizations face today.  Organizations have come to rely on ADF’s revolutionary digital investigation approach to solve their forensic backlog problems.

"This release uniquely links files of interest with user activities in a precise timeline, greatly reducing the time and effort to build a forensics report" stated Raphael Bousquet, CTO, and co-founder of ADF Solutions. “The new version brings a set of unique features to run digital forensics scans faster and more in-depth.”  

The simple process of auto-classification and tagging at the point of collection exponentially speeds up the digital investigation process. The highlights of this new release for the investigative and digital forensic community include:

  • Fully automated touch screen capabilities for tablets and forensic kiosks
  • Improved support for analyzing drive images
  • Capture volatile RAM and improved Mac/Linux boot scan
  • Capture user web credentials (banking, websites, social media, cloud storage, etc.)
  • Integrated intelligence to automatically identify criminal and terrorist activities (terrorism, chemical, biological, explosives, domestic security, financial fraud)
  • 70+ built-in artifact and file captures including; anti-forensic traces, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, cloud storage, peer-to-peer, remote access, social media, and more
  • Distribute collected and analyzed data in portable formats for other users to additionally review, bookmark, and create reports
  • Powerful analytics and navigation capabilities to identify and correlate files, user activities and artifacts
  • Intuitive and compelling timeline and file browser views

“I’m excited about the new features we’re bringing to market to speed digital investigations across all industries”, said J.J. Wallia, CEO of ADF Solutions, Inc. “We are committed to delivering the best digital forensic solutions to enable companies and agencies to speed their investigations and reduce forensic backlogs.”  

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