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Probation Management Software: Track Information on Defendants & Cases

Posted by Nuris Brand on August 17, 2022
Nuris Brand

Probation and parole officers may find themselves overwhelmed and with limited resources when it comes to supervising a multitude of offenders. The number of offenders on federal supervised release tripled to approximately 115,000 between the years 1995 and 2015 [1]. New innovations in technology have added to the pressures of community supervision.

Offenders have more devices at their disposal with which they can violate their court-mandated restrictions. Community supervision services must change to keep pace and leverage technology to enhance their methods and improve service. Digital forensic tools can assist probation and parole officers in tracking information on defendants and cases. 

What Type of Information on Offenders can be Tracked with Probation Management Software?

Digital forensic software can obtain data from an offender's phones and computer devices which include, internet history files, call logs, calendars, messages, searched items, media, documents, and wireless networks to name a few. Access to this type of information on an offender’s device allows probation and parole officers to discover and intervene in violations faster, possibly preventing a repeat crime.

This information can be especially useful in the case of sex offender management. In a report on “The Best Practices in the Assessment, Treatment, and Risk Management of Persons Who Have Sexually Offended” Robin J. Wilson mentions the Risk Principle, which states that the level of intervention must be in line with the risk the offender poses for a reoffense [2]. By applying this principle along with probation management software, probation and parole officers can quickly determine how to implement forensic software and how often it will be needed for each individual offender. Having flexible a tool that they can modify on a case-by-case basis assists probation and parole officers in delivering the best service possible to their community. Probation and parole officers are tasked with supervising offenders and ensuring that they are not violating court-mandated terms. The goal of this supervision is to keep the community safe from the offender and to ensure the offender is following their treatment plan to rehabilitation. With the use of probation case management software they would immediately be alerted to any activity that could be putting the community at risk, therefore preventing future victims. 

Sex Offender Management with Digital Forensic Software

Digital forensic tools must be easily deployable and accessible to the users. Digital forensic companies have curated tools that may extract and report on information obtained from devices. An offender's device may easily be connected to the probation or parole officer's forensic station which will then use forensic software to extract evidence from the offender’s device. Forensic software should also provide digital forensic reporting capabilities and output a report with the findings from the offender’s scanned device. These reports can then be shared with other probation officers to help build a case in court to deny parole and put a repeat offender back in jail.

ADF software supports probation and parole officers by providing digital forensic software that can assist them in the ongoing management of offenders. ADF’s Mobile Device Investigator gives them the ability to use Quick Search Profiles to quickly scan devices during the course of probation or parole check-ins. 

MDI offers an affordable way for probation officers to handle sex offender management. 

Providing digital forensics training to community supervision services gives them the ability to conduct a thorough investigation of devices on-site and as needed. Learn how to get certified in Mobile Device Investigator and Try ADF for free for 30 days.

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