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See What's New with ADF: Live Mac Forensics

Posted by Brittany Roberts on April 6, 2022
Brittany Roberts

ADF digital forensic software and triage software are deployed worldwide by investigators and lab examiners to speed the investigation of mobile phones, tablets, computers, and storage devices. ADF technology software helps digital first responders quickly collect, identify and report on digital evidence - thereby reducing or eliminating forensic backlogs that many agencies and organizations face today.   

"This release brings about new and unique artifact captures such as Bittorent Web and uTorrent web" stated Raphael Bousquet, CTO, and co-founder of ADF Solutions. “In addition to the new and updated artifact captures, we can now scan and image all Mac computers via our remote agent and create an AFF4 logical image. We decided to adopt the AFF4 format to increase interoperability in our field and unlock the potential of the best tools for the job. We are also introducing the ability to scan phone images produced by GrayShift or UFED.”

The highlights of this new release for the investigative and digital forensic community include the ability to:

  • Image live macOS computersVersion 5.5.1 New Release Announcement (Twitter Post)
  • Scan full mobile acquisitions (GrayKey, UFED)
  • View and export scan results to the Orchesight digital forensic orchestration platform
  • Leverage new and updated artifact captures including iOS Address Book, Ares, Bittorrent Web, uTorrent Web, iOS Calendar, Chromium (Download History, Search Terms), macOS Contacts, Edge (Form Data), Facebook Messenger, Phone Calls Android, SMS & MMS Android, Whatsapp, Safari (Bookmarks, Browsing History)

“Our team has done fantastic work creating solutions that advance the field of digital forensics”, stated Bret Peters, CEO of ADF Solutions, Inc. “Each new version we release continues to make it easier for investigators and lab examiners to work more efficiently as they continue to expand triage and digital forensic capabilities to field investigators.”

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