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Sex Offender Management Software: Learn Why Agencies Should Have It

Posted by Nuris Rodriguez on September 7, 2022
Nuris Rodriguez
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To better understand sex offenders’ risks, patterns in their access to sexual materials online must be monitored. Forensic case management software has the ability to scan an offender’s mobile device, therefore, discovering any new or commonly accessed materials. Rapid analysis and comprehensive reports can be conducted more frequently. Learning to better manage sex offenders assures agencies that victims and communities are being kept safe. 

Why is sex offender management software necessary? 

According to an article in the Journal of Offender Monitoring, approximately eighteen thousand sex offenders are arrested in the United States each year [1]. Establishing a watchful eye is an imperative part of making the offender aware of their online activity and the ramifications they face when violations are detected. This is one of the reasons why implementing probation management software is important. By defining clear conditions and monitoring any violation, action can be taken early on in an offender's case. Traditional methods which involve seizing an offender’s computer or mobile device are no longer realistic in today's management of sex offenders in the community. Mobile devices cannot be removed from the offender’s possession without disrupting their day-to-day lives. Removal of devices also calls for additional resources many agencies do not have. Forensic laboratories would be easily overwhelmed by the multitude of devices and evidence would not be collected promptly due to forensic backlog.

With the modernization of cell phones, offenders are able to access the internet and other materials through their mobile devices as they would on a computer. This gives offenders more opportunities to access sexual materials and social media apps. A study showed more than sixty-five percent of youth ages 10-17 use the internet [1]. Many social media apps such as Tik-Tok, Instagram, and Snapchat appeal to younger age groups. This means there are more opportunities for offenders to easily find and target victims online. 

Sex offender management software is more important now than ever. Government and law enforcement agencies must equip their personnel with tools that can be used in the traditional lab setting and on the scene for rapid collection of evidence and immediate intervention of an offender's activities. Being able to collect evidence with the use of probation case management software can help agencies revoke offenders from community supervision. Removing an offender from the community makes citizens confident in the work government and law enforcement agencies are doing to prevent future sex crime victims. 

Understanding Sex Offenders With the Use of Offender Management Software 

Upon an offender being released under supervision into the community, police investigation management software can be used to conduct an intake of the offender. An offender’s device should be scanned to determine the extent and type of sexual materials, and any inappropriate materials and text that need to be erased to prepare the device for future scans and monitoring [1]. By conducting this initial intake search supervisors can compile a report on the offender that can be shared with members of their treatment and supervisory team. After extraction, the devices can be wiped providing a clean slate for the community supervisors. Going forward any evidence obtained from day-to-day monitoring can be used to prosecute. 

Routine monitoring can shed light on common patterns or accessed material on an offender's mobile or computer device. Supervisors will know exactly what they should be looking for whenever they scan an offender’s device. This can also lead to the discovery of new or similar behaviors. Supervisors and treatment counselors can then work together to help rehabilitate the offender. Agencies will be able to identify high-risk offenders based on the information found in their intake reports and implement sex offender management software that can provide evidence on illicit materials these offenders are known to access.

Having access to the best investigation management software ensures government and law enforcement agencies have a more proactive approach to sex offender management techniques. They can keep the community safe by having the proper tools to prevent future victims and prosecute offenders who violate their court-mandated terms. Not only are they able to prosecute but they can also understand their offender's patterns and aid in reducing recidivism and improving their chances of rehabilitation. 

ADF Solutions offers a reliable tool that when coupled with counseling and treatment plans can assist probation and parole officers in preventing new or similar offenses. ADF’s Mobile Device Investigator gives them the ability to use Quick Search Profiles along with features such as Instant Mobile Preview, Screenshot Mobile Evidence, and Facial Recognition to quickly scan devices during probation or parole check-ins. 

Learn how to empower your agency to make immediate decisions and speed up the protection of victims. 

Download the Probation Parole White Paper

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