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What is Offender Management Software for Prisons?

Posted by Nuris Brand on September 14, 2022
Nuris Brand

Correctional facilities are facing a growing concern as the use of contraband cell phones within jails and prisons is increasing.

The number of phones confiscated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) doubled between 2008 and 2010 [1]. According to the National Institute of Justice Technology Institute for Corrections, there are several recorded reasons explaining the increase in contraband cell phones such as; inmates wanting to avoid recording and monitoring systems to pursue illicit activities, relaxed security making it easy for visitors to bring in contraband cell phones, and correctional staff making a profit from smuggling contraband [1]. 

Why Prisons Need Offender Management Software

Many correctional facilities do not have the resources to conduct their own forensic analysis on confiscated cell phones. They rely on police evidence management software used in forensic laboratories or FBI crime labs. Outsourcing forensic analysis services hinder a correctional facility’s ability to obtain evidence from mobile devices promptly. They are unable to take immediate action and prosecute the inmates for contraband. Establishing evidence management software within correctional facilities would allow them to conduct forensics analysis on contraband mobile devices as needed. Delays would be avoided and they could disrupt possible criminal activities going on within the facility. A few of the illicit activities conducted on contraband mobile devices include the distribution of child pornography, harassment of victims, escape attempts, communication between inmates, and organization of crimes with outside individuals [1]. 

Law enforcement and government agencies have relied on forensic case management software to conduct a thorough forensic analysis of seized mobile devices. With the help of this software, these agencies can obtain the digital evidence they need to prosecute individuals. They can retrieve and extract data from an offender's devices including internet history files, call logs, calendars, messages, searched items, media, and documents. Offender management software proves itself useful in a variety of situations ranging from evidence collected at a crime scene to community supervision in probation and parole. 

Implementing this useful tool in prisons can be beneficial. With the ability to conduct forensic analysis on contraband mobile devices significant intelligence can be revealed. Detailed records of incoming and outgoing calls and text messages, inmate's contact lists with names and contact information, and photographs and videos. This evidence could be the key to identifying bigger criminal activities that may be going on in a correctional facility, any future threats to the public or victims, and possible escape plans. In 2005 a New Jersey case involved an inmate who used a cell phone to order a hit on his ex-girlfriend, who was to be a witness for the prosecution in an upcoming case [1]. 

Implementing the best investigative case management software within correctional facilities can help reduce criminal activity within the prison while also keeping the public safe from offenders. ADF’s Mobile Device Investigator gives them the ability to use Quick Search Profiles along with features such as Instant Mobile Preview, Screenshot Mobile Evidence, and Facial Recognition. Confiscated contraband mobile devices can quickly be scanned all within the walls of correctional facilities. There is no need to submit the mobile devices to an outside source and wait a lengthy period of time before they obtain the results. Confiscation of the contraband device, forensic analysis, and steps towards prosecution can all be accomplished sooner.

Learn how to equip your prisons with the offender management software they need to identify and prevent illicit activities conducted through contraband cell phones. 

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