Stop Victimizing Trafficking Survivors: Meet Joe Scaramucci

Human trafficking casts a dark shadow across our world, but in the face of its horrors, beacons of hope emerge. One such beacon is Joe Scaramucci, Director of Law Enforcement for Skull Games, who..

Money Laundering and Human Trafficking in the Philippines

The Philippines, a nation of breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures, is, unfortunately, grappling with the dark shadows of money laundering and human trafficking. In recent years, alarming..

Investigating Chromebooks to Speed Your Digital Investigations

ADF Solutions has opened the door to exploring Chromebooks in mobile forensics. With our initial version, you can conduct logical acquisitions, screencasts, and even record specific applications...

5 Tips for Transforming UK Police Investigations

In a recent article by The Telegraph, alarming findings revealed that half of the police forces in the UK are falling short in proper crime investigations. The assessment, which included factors such..

Safeguarding Kids Online: Meet Child Protection Expert Kevin Metcalf

In a recent ADF LEGENDS podcast episode, Kevin Metcalf, an accomplished attorney and child protection expert, spoke with host, Bret Peters, about the crucial topic of protecting children online and..

Unmasking the Reality of Global Bonded Labor

Human trafficking is a widespread and distressing reality that continues to afflict millions of people worldwide. Traffickers lure victims into a web of exploitation, deceit, and despair.

How does digital forensic software help modern slavery investigations?

Around the world, adults, teens, and children are being bought and sold like modern slaves. Modern slavery involves the exploitation of an individual for another person’s personal or commercial gain[1

How Does Forensic Software Assist with Incident Response?

Disaster recovery is an organization’s structured plan for its response to major catastrophes. These may range from natural disasters to cyber-attacks and equipment failure. In this digital era..

From Likes to Convictions: Solving Social Media Crimes with Forensics

Social media platforms have become an integral part of our daily lives. From sharing personal moments to networking with friends and colleagues, social media has revolutionized communication...

Global Perspectives Human Trafficking: “Poverty monopolizes your time”

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the Evidence2Action (E2A) event hosted by Winrock International and the International Justice Mission at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. 

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