Best 2024 Law Enforcement Conferences

Annual conferences are great events for networking with thought leaders and your peers. In addition, these law enforcement conferences can provide you with the opportunity to get timely, objective,..

The Importance of Preservation Letters in Criminal Investigations

An important aspect of criminal investigations is maintaining a solid chain of custody and legal complaints when gathering digital evidence. A preservation letter, or a preservation demand or..

2024 ICAC Task Force Training Conferences in the U.S.

The U.S. Department of Justice launched the ICAC Task Force program in 1998 to help law enforcement learn how to prevent, combat, and investigate Internet Crimes Against Children. ICAC Task Force..

ADF Solutions' Contributions to UK Cybercrime Investigations

Cybercriminal and cyber espionage activity has become more frequent and achievable through different technological devices. Cybercriminals can access a wealth of sensitive information in the form of..

How Do Private Investigators use Digital Forensics for Social Apps?

Digital forensics software serves as the backbone of contemporary investigative work. Today, private investigators find themselves using digital forensics software daily to investigate and analyze..

The Role of Technology in Crime Prevention

While traditional methods of law enforcement and community vigilance remain crucial, the integration of technology into crime prevention strategies has revolutionized safety and crime detection. Law..

What is Digital Evidence Management?

Over 90% of all crime contains digital evidence [1]. With the abundant use of digital devices, this can become overwhelming for agencies to keep track of. It can become difficult to keep track of..

How Prosecutors Can Use MDI To Prevent Re-Victimization

Re-victimization in police investigations refers to a situation where a victim of a crime, particularly a sensitive or traumatic crime, experiences further distress or trauma due to the investigative..

4 Mistakes Investigators Make When Screenshotting Phone Evidence

Today, screenshots have become a valuable tool for capturing critical evidence from mobile devices in digital forensic investigations. While screenshots can provide visual evidence of text messages,..

The Future of Digital Forensic Software Advancements and Innovations

Digital forensic software developers need to keep up with new advancements. Investigators need digital forensic tools to keep up with current and future technology. Forensic investigators face the..

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