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New Screenshots and Screen Recording Features with Version 5.6

Posted by ADF Solutions on November 29, 2022
ADF Solutions

ADF software is deployed in field and lab investigations of smartphones, computers, and devices and is used by digital first responders to quickly collect, identify and report on digital evidence - thereby reducing or eliminating forensic backlogs that many agencies and organizations face today. Organizations have come to rely on ADF’s revolutionary digital investigation approach to solve their forensic backlog problems.

Version 5.6 New Release Announcement (Twitter Post) (1)

ADF is pleased to announce the release of our newest version of ADF software:

New Digital Forensic Software Features

  • Screenshots: auto scroll when taking screenshots of long pages on Android
  • Screen Recording: mirror Android screens and record as videos
  • Scan Setup: define the time range of data collection
  • Scan Setup: define collection per app in a Search Profile
  • Scan Setup: select Captures and apps before a live or boot scan

Updated and Improved File and Artifact Captures


We have added new and updated forensic artifact captures including:

  • Artifacts: Device Data > Encrypted Drive (extraction on live Windows) - new
  • Artifacts: Chromium (Saved Credentials extraction on live Windows) - updated
  • Artifacts: Device Data > Networks (extraction on iOS) - updated
  • Artifacts: Device Data > USB History (extraction on macOS) - updated

What This Solves

  • Capture long pages of conversations or others automatically with the auto-scroll feature. The auto scroll technology automatically detects the end of the page so agents don't have to guess the number of screenshots they would like to take.

  • It is now possible to create a single configuration file and distribute it in read-only to all connected workstations to enforce the same rules for the whole forensic team.

  • Define folders in your Captures that should be excluded during the scan in order to save time.

  • Accelerate your scans with the new multi-threaded artifact processing service.

Version 5.6. Release Quote


Starting at $2,999 for our mobile forensic kit, and $5,099 for our all-in-one forensic kit (computer and mobile), forensic investigators and examiners can subscribe for one year or three years with support and maintenance of ADF forensic software. 

About ADF Solutions, Inc.  ADF Solutions is the global leader in automated digital forensic software for digital investigations. ADF desktop and cloud forensic tools streamline digital investigations, reduce forensic backlogs, and provide digital evidence results and intelligence from iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as computers, external drives, drive images, and other media storage (USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.) devices.

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