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Crime Investigation Software: Gain Intelligence on Cybercrime

Posted by Steven Valverde on June 24, 2022

Cybercrime has been increasing significantly over the years [1] Crime investigation software is vital for law enforcement agencies to gain actionable and substantial criminal intelligence from cyber crimes committed. Investigating cyber crimes is complex and requires tools to conduct mobile and computer forensics such as Mac forensics, to collect evidence from iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac devices. Analyzing the data collected is an important part of conducting an investigation. Forensic software tools help agents, officers, and investigators link different artifacts together to generate a full report on the investigation.

What is Crime Investigation Software 

Crime investigation software is digital investigation software that simplifies a law enforcement agent’s forensic investigation by quickly acquiring, analyzing, and reporting on actionable evidence. Crime investigation software is a way to try to get ahead of cybercrime. Crime Investigation Software Gain Intelligence on Cybercrime: Yellow Crime Scene Tape and Handcuffs resting on top of laptop keyboard

While the darknet has long been a haven for bad actors, the problem intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic. More systems and people began turning to online services, which led to more data being put at risk. In response, the number of hackers engaged in cryptocurrency scams rose sharply; a report from the spring of 2020 suggested that in the first few months of the year criminals captured $1.4 billion from cryptocurrency crimes.” [2]

Why is Crime Investigation Software Important?

Crime investigation software is important because it allows investigators to acquire, collect/analyze, and report on digital forensic evidence that will help to put together a case against a criminal. This software can help collect evidence such as dark web traces, cryptocurrency traces, regular expressions for credit card numbers, browser history, etc. Once the evidence is collected, the software can then filter this evidence for the most relevant information that a specific investigator is looking for and compile it into a customized report.

Crime Investigations: Key Objectives Chart

What You Can Do with Crime Investigation Software:

There are a few ways to gain deep insight and substantial intelligence on cybercrime through crime investigation software:

  1. Acquire evidence 
    • Information gathering
    • Tracking and identifying key evidence
  2. Analyze evidence
    • Find and analyze evidence such as dark web and cryptocurrency traces, browser history, and IP addresses 
    • Analyze raw data, hard drives, file systems, RAM memory, and much more [3]
  3. Report on evidence 
    • Build a report based on the evidence that can be customized and shared with a forensic team

Crime investigation software is important for forensic investigators to help combat cybercrime around the world. Cyber forensics or cybercrime investigations involve a combination of knowledge of different investigative techniques and the right tools to analyze the devices collected for a case. Once you have the right crime investigation software, you can properly build your case by acquiring, analyzing, and reporting on the evidence needed for court. Learn more about Cyber Crime


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