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Intro to Digital Evidence Investigator

Posted by Richard T. Frawley on November 10, 2021
Richard T. Frawley

When selecting a new application for use in your lab or out in the field it's always a good idea to shop around and see what’s available to you whether it is new or updated, it is good to take a look around. ADF Solutions has been in the Digital Forensics field for almost 2 decades and has built upon itself to become a leader in the early case assessment and triage market as well as a formidable candidate for the lab when the work needs to be done now. Digital Evidence Investigator (DEI) is our flagship product and a solid forensic application with a lot of functionality and features.

Digital Evidence Investigator can be used in the lab to comprehensively scan any attached devices, forensic image files, and mounted devices. And can also be used to  scan target computers, live or booted, with a USB device called a  Collection Key and target macOS computers (M1 and T2) connected to the DEI desktop application over the network.

Digital Evidence Investigator is built for speed and is what makes DEI stand out in the field. Don't miss evidence by scanning for just low hanging fruit.  In the same amount of allocated time Digital Evidence Investigator will collect more data allowing you to make rock solid decisions on scene.

Easily customizable, Digital Evidence Investigator let’s you build profiles to target the data you want from the area of the drive where it is stored. Then targeting your data with keyword searches, hash searches and linking artifacts to the files they reference. Post scan functionality allows for picture classification and age detection,  getting you to the evidence even faster. Once a decision is made on scene it is easily supported with a court ready report as soon as you return to the lab, leaving you more time for the preservation orders and search warrants that you need based on the data you recovered. This is DEI making your job easier.

If you have never heard of us take a look, if you are shopping around, see how far DEI has come and all that it can do for you. Try out our free 30 day trial for DEI now.  Save some time and money reducing the items brought back to the lab and hours spent waiting for a decision to be made.

Watch the Intro to DEI Tutorial

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