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Cyber Response for Missing Child Investigations: NCPTF Conference

Posted by Charissa Ramia on June 22, 2020
Charissa Ramia

This week kicks off the 2020 National Child Protection Task Force Conference. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NCPTF has moved the conference and training online as a virtual event with the focus on cyber response for missing child investigations. The topic is of vital importance since so many children around the world are online and at increased risk during the pandemic.

The National Child Protection Task Force Conference 2020 - NCPTFThis three day event, is geared toward teaching law enforcement professionals to enhance and expand their ability to identify and track suspects involved in child exploitation and child sexual abuse material.

The law enforcement conference, will feature a variety of training from industry experts that will share best practices for identifying, locating and tracking human traffickers and child predators. This year's conference topics cover subjects including: 

  • Cryptocurrency  - understand these virtual currencies and how to investigate them
  • Data Exploitation  - how to utilize online data and open source intelligence (OSINT) to uncover key data in child exploitation and human trafficking investigations
  • Legal Strategies – learn best practices for navigating the legal process to maximize results from service providers 
  • Analysis and Mapping – how to analyze and map data from providers 
  • Dark-web Investigations – learn strategies for Tor investigations

More than twenty speakers will share their knowledge, expertise, tips and techniques during the conference including industry experts from organizations including:

  • Coinbase
  • Innocent Lives Foundation
  • Louisiana State Police
  • Microsoft
  • National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C)
  • Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS)
  • Texas Rangers
  • York County District Attorney's Office 

The National Child Protection Task Force is a nonprofit focused on providing access to investigator resources and expertise to law enforcement agencies that are under-funded or that don't have access to necessary resources. Task force members volunteer to help solve critical cases involving child exploitation, human trafficking and missing persons as well as drug, property, homicide and terrorism cases. 

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This free event is sponsored by companies helping combat child exploitation cases and is a great complement to regional ICAC task force conferences in the United States

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