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National Sheriff's Association 2019

Posted by Bret Peters on June 18, 2019
Bret Peters
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National Sheriffs Association Education and Technology Conference LouisvilleToday is the final day of the 2019 NSA Annual Educational and Technology Expo which ran June 15-18, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky.  The annual event featured more than 60 session topics and over 500 vendors who come together to educate and showcase new ways to empower our nation's sheriffs to serve and protect their communities. 

Seminar topics ranged in topic from leadership and community policing, to court security, jail operations and law enforcement operations, to resource programs, technology solutions, homeland security and more.  Some of our favorite session topics were: 

  • FBI Next Generation Identification System (the NGI biometric identity services system) 
  • How to Improve Health Outcomes for People Coming Out of US Jails
  • Securing Our Nation's Boarders
  • Courthouse Security Assessments
  • Financial Exploitation of Older Adults
  • Video Evidence Ecosystem
  • Serving Cybercrime Victims 
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Improving Hate Crime Investigation and Reporting
  • LE SupplyPRO: Saving Money, Improving Operations and Increasing Efficiency
  • Introduction to Dark Web Investigation
  • NSA Law Enforcement Cyber Investigators Program Update
  • 5G and the Future of Wireless
  • School Guardian Programs 
  • The Impact of Social Media on Criminal Investigations

The conference was sponsored by industry leaders including UPS, DXC Technology and Motorola Solutions, FastCase, and the Animal Legal Defense Fund, among others. In addition to standard conference networking and learning opportunities, the event featured several advanced events including; 

  • Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) Program - sponsored by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility and Lyft
  • Corrections and Detention Jail Training Day 
  • National Coalition on Violence Against Animals working groups 
  • Reserve Policing Roundtable
  • National Sheriffs Association Blood Drive

ADF Solutions is committed to supporting the mission of sheriffs who seek to serve and protect the communities they serve by empowering non-technical sheriffs and deputy sheriffs with mobile and computer digital forensic tools for on-scene and lab investigations.  In the critical initial minutes of an investigation, law enforcement officers can perform RAM Capture to preserve volatile memory and collect critical digital evidence which can protect victims and identify suspects. 

Sheriff annual budgets are stretched and these dedicated public servants always seek to get the most out of their budget dollars.  ADF is pleased to offer qualified 2019 NSA Annual Conference Attendees a special discount of $249.00 off of Mobile Device Investigator™ for iOS and Android digital forensic software. Use promo code "LOUISVILLE" at checkout to purchase MDI for just $999 through 9/20/19, or talk to your account manager.

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