ICAC Task Force: How Digital Forensics Uncover Human Trafficking

The ICAC Task Force program was started in 1998 by the U.S. Department of Justice to help law enforcement agencies learn how to investigate, prevent, and combat Internet Crimes Against Children or..

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What is OSEC? (Online Sexual Exploitation of Children)

Online sexual exploitation of children or OSEC is the sexual abuse of children that may be streamed over the internet and the abuser receives payment for the content.

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How ADF Can Assist With Prosecutors’ CSAM Cases

Child sexual abuse material or CSAM has become the more common term for child pornography. The term accurately captures the reality of these images and videos. CSAM is distributed heavily through..

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Border Security Solutions: Keeping America Safe

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is charged with securing the nation’s borders and ensuring that trade and travel regulations are followed. They detect, identify, prohibit, and apprehend..

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Why You Need Photo Forensics

Photo forensics plays an important role in investigations. Increased access to electronic devices and growing social media platforms mean photos can be an important factor in an investigation.

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What is Forensic Triage for Smartphones?

When it comes to accessing digital data across devices, mobile phones are easily the most common devices that law enforcement, businesses, and military personnel will deal with. In the past,..

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